The BLM-Biden-Obama Bandwagon

The BLM-Biden-Obama Bandwagon

By Dennis JamisonJuly 23, 2020

If Joe Biden is the best the Democrat Party has to offer their constituents as the best candidate for POTUS, Democrats are in serious trouble. But, are they?

This may sound confusing, so follow me carefully.

Except for the seemingly endless investigations into the Deep State coup d’état, and except for the recent autocracy of Democrat governors of states imposing their unconstitutional lockdown mandates on their residents, and except for the major ineptitude of the Democrat mayors of major cities in the United States in handling, or enabling, the Marxist insurrection currently underway, it seems their candidate may be doing just fine. He may be the best foot forward for the Democrats in 2020. Those concerned with his apparent ineptitude and grip on reality must look at the bigger picture.

Joe Biden is safe – no chance of being exposed to COVID-19, as he is just like many others who are just average Americans; just an average Joe who is safer in his basement – under lockdown orders from a Democrat leader. He is also easy to “handle” – he represents average Americans who really do not know too much about the economy, or politics, or even reality for that matter. In fact, Joe Biden may resemble his nationwide constituents in several vital ways. He certainly will listen to and believe all that the mainstream media expect him to believe about their news reporting. And, if he gets confused about the true words of the Declaration of Independence, the MSM will bail him out. In fact, it is in their job description to bail out any and all Democrat leaders. So, no real problem with Joe Biden running for POTUS, come to think of it.

In fact, it makes much more sense when examined in the proper light. When American citizens in major cities get tired of the “Feds” interfering in the soft, made for television Marxist uprising or insurrection, they will be overjoyed with a non-Fed Fed becoming POTUS. Most will not have any concerns that he has been a Fed for several decades because they will be tired of the red Feds and be overjoyed to elect a blue Fed. It won’t matter. In fact, the only thing that will need to be understood at the time of the election is that Black lives matter. All citizens will know that by election time, only Black lives matter. And, to appease their white guilt the Democrat leaders will provide a black female as their candidate for Vice-President.

How is it that this all makes sense now?

Actually, one has to use the trick of transparency that former President Obama promised his Administration would provide while in office. Of course, he was not able to provide complete transparency during his tenure as POTUS, but that does not matter now. Only black lives Matter; remember?

Of course, there are variations on this theme. For instance, Joe Biden would likely say that Black lives matter only when they vote for Democrats; otherwise, those who are Black are “not really black.” Black Lives Matter terrorists and a majority of their supporters would say that indeed Black lives matter, but only after a Black person’s life has been taken by a White police officer (not just any color of a police officer) it has to be a White police officer. And, it must be clarified that Black unborn babies in the mother’s womb truly do not matter because there are exponentially more lives of black babies lost each year than the black lives that are lost due to a White police officer.

Additionally, it must be clear only such Black lives matter in those circumstances, and it is only after the person dies that their life then matters. Also, it must be clear that all lives do not matter because if a Black Lives Matter supporter hears those words, it could be hazardous to the health of the speaker. Unfortunately, it took a courageous young white girl to be proof of that by being shot dead for vocalizing “all lives matter.” Long live the memory of Jessica Doty Whitaker.

What Americans may have realized by now is that former President Obama also wants to live long in citizens’ memories because he is still organizing for “hope and change” for America. His Organizing for Action is still organizing for Obama’s fundamental change to America. Actually, citizens should be grateful that former President Obama is providing transparency as he leads the shadow government from his home in Washington, D.C. It is actually taking quite a long time to investigate how his Administration actively spied on candidate Donald Trump’s campaign due to the lack of transparency, but that is more than made up for by the fingerprints he is leaving in the upheaval occurring now.

Just as former President Obama announced to the world while he traveled to Egypt, not long after he took office, that the United States was no longer a Christian nation. It was quite a bold announcement to the non-Christian people of the world – especially to Muslim militants as well as atheistic anarchists who had great interest in testing whether Obama’s assertion was literally true. And, often when a Muslim terrorist attack occurred in the U.S., the MSM did not label the attacks as militant Muslim inspired attacks because that would test the tolerance of the Christian community. Instead, those events were labeled “man-made disasters,” or “isolated events,” and genuine evidence of gun initiated violence that had to be curtailed.

So today, that which happened during Obama’s Administration that was not readily transparent can now be easily seen through the magic of “transferred transparency.” Can one honestly now wonder why the MSM is describing homegrown terrorist organizations as “peaceful protestors” who once in a while may let off a little steam? Is it any wonder that Democrat governors have mandated that any churches that dare to open will not permit honest to goodness worshipping of God during the Sunday services? Is it any wonder that Democrat mayors have a very “light touch” in responding to the violence in their cities? This is not random mayors in random cities, and this is not random governors in random states. These are Democrat mayors and Democrat governors, and it all bears the fingerprints of the former POTUS.

Why should one wonder when Democrat mayors and Democrat governors have condemned the efforts of peaceful protests from Christians over opening their churches, from conservatives over opening their businesses, and from patriots over losing their freedoms; yet, those same political figures condone the violent protests of the angry mobs that loot and trash and burn? It is known that former President Obama met with the leaders of the BLM effort and praised their “work” in the community. It is also known that he appreciated the participation of the New Black Panther Party when they were charged with intimidating citizen voters at the polls. Remember, it is only black lives that matter? In the magic of “transferred transparency” these events bear the fingerprints of the former POTUS.

Why should one wonder when former President Obama is helping his former vice-president to get elected to POTUS? And, by the time Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated that only Black lives matter, former President Obama will likely help Joe Biden once more: by suggesting that Michelle Obama be his running mate. So, come to think of it, Joe Biden might just be the best candidate for the Democrats in 2020. It is truly the only way the former president can take his “rightful position” as the “true leader” of the United States once again. Finally then, everyone will fully realize that only Black Communist Presidents Matter.

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