The Blue State Blockade (part I)

The Blue State Blockade (part I)

by Dr. Robert Owens, 6/17/2020

It took just three years for President Donald Trump to lead America from the perpetually stagnant New Normal of the Clinton/Bush/Obama Trifecta of Failure back to the Morning in America of the Reagan era. This was nothing short of an economic miracle that began the day after America’s blue-collar billionaire won the biggest upset in our political history when the stock market took off like a rocket.

In a steady assault on the Deep-State Swamp President Trump hit the delete button on more regulations in three years than every other president in our history combined. He renegotiated the give-away trade boondoggles of the Trifecta and set off an avalanche of industrial growth and the return of prodigal corporations. He rebuilt our military after eight years of neglect. He re-started our space program. He required our NATO allies to quit freeloading on the gravy train and start making meaningful contributions to their own defense. He defeated ISIS, started negotiations to end the forever war in Afghanistan, pulled out of our incursion into Syria, and created a Trump Doctrine. He alerted the world that under his administration America would only commit forces to defend our interests; no more nation-building, no more free mercenaries carrying the water for others.

Of course, the Deep-State Swamp creatures didn’t just sit on their hands. The perpetually re-elected civil service protected corporately selected troika of politicians, bureaucrats, and media megaphones fought tooth and nail. They used the politically corrupted ranks of the FBI and the national security forces to first try to undermine the Trump campaign. When that didn’t work the Obama Administration used the waning days of their regime to set in motion an attempt to thwart and if possible overthrow the incoming Trump Administration.

For three years they beat America about the ears with their fake news of supposed evidence through illegal leaks, politically motivated highly coordinated whistleblowers, and secret hearings in the underground star chamber deep in the bowls of Congress. Recent revelations brought to light through Freedom of Information exposures revealed that Pelosi, Schiff, Mueller, and the rest of the gang that couldn’t shoot straight knew from day one that there was no Russian conspiracy and that even the supposed hack of Democrat computers was a red hearing. Yet the luminaries of the left were on every available outlet of the  BCCBSNBCCNNMASNBCNPRPBS Cartel indoctrinating the low information voters with their propaganda day and night.

Then came the Impeachment Hoax. Facts now show the Democrats were plotting to impeach Trump before he was elected. The Washington Post started calling for impeachment on the very day Trump was inaugurated. And the disloyal opposition have also admitted they had to impeach Trump as part of their 2020 election strategy. Talk about trying to interfere in an election! They impeached the President for things that were not criminal, that were built on false testimony, inaccurate and made-up reporting, and purely out of spite.

Three years of attacks such as no other politician ever has survived, and President Trump not only survived but he thrived. Then along came COVID-19 and sat down beside him.

Accepting the flawed models of Fauci, Birx, and other globalists the President erred on the side of caution when it came to American lives. He gave us a textbook example of crisis management along the way. Taking over the decrepit testing system left moldering in warehouses Mr. Trump quickly led us to the most dynamic testing regimen in history, directed manufacturers to make a surplus of the masks and respirators needed. He left the mechanics of the economic shutdowns in the hands of the governors of the States as is proper in our federal system.

And America ground to a halt.

Unemployment skyrocketed and stimulus money flowed to who knows where out of Washington as money was created out of thin air. The stock market cratered wiping out the savings of millions. Now we are socially distanced into isolation.

As a natural contrarian President Trump has always gone against the grain. He was the first world leader to shut down travel from China. And early on he began to say, “We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself.”

Instinctively knowing there may be more deaths from the ramifications of stopping the greatest economy the world has ever seen than from the Social Security Flu. Now President Trump is the cheerleader for Making America Great Again Again.

Certainly, there are obstacles. The Democrats who identify as journalists are spewing their disinformation and hate wall-to-wall online, on the air, and in print every day. The Democrat machine in Congress is threatening to impeach the President again and holding more hearings on conjured evidence heading towards preprogrammed conclusions.

All this resistance aside the country is starting to open. The pent-up demand that follows any artificial roadblock to supply and demand will make the economy blossom. No matter how the Progressives try to get Americans addicted to free money. No matter how hard they try to turn the U.S. into a command economy sitting atop a submissive herd of regimented citizens the spirit of America cries out, “Let’s get back to work!”
So what is the political damn the Democrats seek to build across the flood of people returning to normalcy? I call it the Blue State Blockade. Thirty percent of America’s economy is in California and New York. Two States long controlled by entrenched Democrat machines. Both these Progressive sink holes have spent themselves into the “failed state zone” of economics. The Federal Government/taxpayers spent billions supporting these two Democrat fiefdoms during the COVID pandemic. We built them hospitals they demanded and never needed, we sent them hospital ships, and military personnel to meet needs that never materialized. And now they’re demanding we bail them out of the financial difficulties they created, and which existed long before anyone ever heard of the Social Security Flu.

Like all Progressives they don’t just ask for help. They demand it. They’re holding the economy hostage saying they won’t open their States until they get the money. And it isn’t just the Big Two. Most of the other blue states are also demanding bailouts. These cynical power brokers believe that if they can keep the economy or at least as much of it as they control shut down long enough, they can cause a Greater Depression. They long to cast President Trump as the 21st Century Hoover so they can wheel Old Joe out of the basement as the new FDR and usher in the Green New Deal.

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