The Christian Vote Will Decide the Election


Statistics show that only 50% of Christians are registered to vote, and only half of those actually vote in any election.

That means that 75% of Christians have no say in the direction of our country.

The reasons for this “Christian Voter Gap” are many. Some Christians see flaws in both candidates and refuse to support immoral people. Some focus on policies that are important to Christians, and if either candidate isn’t perfect on every issue, they stay at home. And others are simply disgusted at the dirty tricks, negativity and hostility that go into American politics these days and refuse to participate.

Yes, candidates are flawed, some in significant ways. But God uses kings and leaders for his purposes. Even if you have a choice between two bad candidates, choose the one who will do the least harm, otherwise you are actually supporting the one who will do the MOST harm by staying at home. Similarly, you may disagree with a list of a candidate’s positions on issues that are important to you, but their opponent’s positions may be even worse.

By failing to get involved in the election process we are actually giving our power of decision to others, and those decisions will affect our ability to run our churches and our families the way we want, without interference from the government.

Both political parties are flawed…

…but from the Christian point of view, the Republicans and President Trump have done more for us than the Democrats, and if the Democrats were to take over the House of Representatives, a tremendous amount of progress we have enjoyed over the last two years will come to a screeching halt. And Christians will suffer most – the rights of the unborn, the balance in the Supreme Court, marriage, what our kids are taught in school, single-payer rationed health care, our support of Israel, freedom of religion, immigration, gun rights, will all be affected if Nancy Pelosi becomes the new Speaker of the House.

A great article on the subject of Christians and voting from a Biblical perspective can be found here.

Polls say it’s the Christian vote that will decide America’s future on November 6th.

The latest polls say the Senate is likely to stay in GOP hands, but the House of Representatives is a toss-up. As of this moment, 79 different races are considered to be too close to call. The Republicans have a 42 seat majority, which means that Democrats need to win 23 seats in order to take control.

70 of the GOP seats are on the list with only 9 Democrat seats.

If the Democrats win the House of Representatives, here are some policies likely to be promoted…

-Abolish ICE and leave our borders unprotected from criminals, terrorists, and diseases such as  tuberculosis and measles, almost eradicated in the U.S.
-Open borders and unrestricted immigration and  amnesty for up to 22 million illegals living in the U.S.
-Roll back tax cuts for middle class.
-Limit our rights to self-defense.
-Make union membership and dues mandatory.
-Increase spending on government programs leading to higher deficits.
-Impeach President Trump.
-Impeach Justice Kavanaugh and block all conservative nominees to the judiciary and the Supreme Court.
-Restore burdensome environmental regulations, leading to a return to energy dependency and higher oil and gas prices.

Some of the Democrat’s ideas about free college education for all, free health care, guaranteed government jobs, and “Universal Basic Income” sound great at first, but when you look into them further, you realize the costs would reach into the trillions of dollars, and their programs never work the way they promise. This is because Democrats will do or say anything in order to get power, and once they have it, their true agenda comes out. To understand this, just look at the plight of American cities that have been controlled exclusively by Democrats over the last fifty years. In cities like Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore, murder, crime, poverty, and moral bankruptcy abound.

So when a Democrat promises you the moon, simply ask, “How much is that free stuff going to cost me?” Even taxing “the rich” at 100% will generate no more than 20% of the money needed for these programs. Your “free” programs won’t be free at all.

Don’t just rely on the media. Do your own research in important elections. And take everything you see and hear on social media like Facebook and Twitter with a POUND of salt.

So you’ve decided to get involved…

…and  support the “less than perfect” candidate in your local race, fantastic!

But the stakes are so high in this particular election that it won’t be enough. It used to be that going through the registration process and then taking the time off from work to do your civic duty by voting was enough. This is no longer the case.

This election is so important that you need to go further. Talk to your pastor about what your church is saying about voting. They are not supposed to back a particular candidate or political party, but they can certainly share with their congregation about the importance of voting and how the Scriptures treat the issue.

Also talk to your family, friends and neighbors, try to overcome their resistance to voting, and then offer them a ride to the polls!

Check here to see if your state and district are a toss-up.

Many of you can still register to vote, vote early, or vote absentee. is an excellent Christian organization that has compiled a simple set of tools to help you, your family and friends navigate through the voting process. Just visit to get started.If you can win just half of your local districts you may be responsible for keeping the House in Republican hands.

Here’s a great video that sums up the reasons Christians should vote…

WePrayWeVOtE is a movement to encourage Christians to get involved in the electoral process. Watch videos of your fellow Christians and add your own at

Please share this message with everyone you can – family, friends, pastors and church goers. The future of our country is riding on you!


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