The Coalition for a Principled Republic and the 2020 Elections

The Coalition for a Principled Republic and the 2020 Elections 

By Jonus Freeman —— October 28, 2019

As one of the most historic election seasons becomes more significant, a good number of patriot groups, Conservative organizations and Christian congregations are gearing up and getting together in conferences, training camps, and political training sessions to awaken citizens and to help them to grow in heart and mind in an already turbulent political environment. 

Such organizations provide ongoing education and activist training for those who are already awakened and who are engaged in the Battle for the Soul of America. Most awakened citizens, who are now more politically aware or already active, realize that the stakes in the future leadership of America are much higher than they ever will be, especially in the upcoming battles in the primary elections of 2020.

With that understanding, a group of grassroots leaders and activists from across the country gathered together in rural Ohio to build a foundation for a “Coalition for a Principled Republic,” otherwise known as CPR. Activists from Ohio, Indiana, California, New York, Connecticut, and North Carolina met to strategize, develop lines of communication, and link participating organizations in order to share information and to promote cooperative action on compatible projects and tasks for 2020 and beyond. Many of the organizers had been active in the Super Pac helping to promote Dr. Ben Carson for President in 2106. During his campaign, Dr. Carson stressed that Americans are not each other’s enemies, as the political paradigm no longer exists as Democrat vs. Republican. 

Many of the grassroots leaders present agreed that the American people are the losers in the current political system in America. As Dr. Carson exclaimed: it is “We the People” vs. the Government Elitists, Globalists, or the Marxists in government. Especially people of faith are quite inspired by Donald Trump’s efforts in many spheres of the U.S. They view the corruption in America as a crisis in moral and religious leadership. The vision of CPR is to heal the hearts of Americans who have been damaged by leaders who have left or strayed away from God and the founding principles, values and ideals of this country. The other side of the coin for the vision of CPR is to identify and sincerely support citizens running for political office who are true leaders.

The ideals examined by the leaders gathered in Ohio were viewed as rooted in the biblical principles in God’s word. A core of what CPR is all about was expressed by Pastor Earl Wallace of Liberty Christian Fellowship who gave a presentation on the “Biblical Basis of the Bill of Rights.” Many of the initiatives formulated will promote the “Bible’s application to every aspect of life, including civics.” Go to “The Biblical Basis of The Bill of Rights” in order to see how America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics. Pastor Wallace believes America needs another Great Awakening in order to restore the United States to its origin point. 

Wallace contends that American citizens are either: 

  1. part of the solution,
  2. the irrelevant so-called silent majority or 
  3. among those who make a generalized Rah-rah call for “more God in government,” not truly knowing what that really means. 

He points to many people who know the problems, but offer few concrete solutions. The question is how patriots today can actually restore what God inspired through America’s Founders. Wallace understands that all religions and atheism — the so-called absence of religion — have civic and political outcomes, such as anarchy, socialism, communism and totalitarianism. Islam has political outcomes that are incompatible with the U.S. Constitution.  

Those ideals are viewed by Dennis Jamison, the founder of the Citizen Sentinels Network, as the origin point of the United States. He leads a network of like-minded Christians and Conservatives who  believe in the biblical principles of God’s word embedded in the founding documents. Yet, while fundamental ideals and principles inscribed in the Declaration of Independence had existed since ancient times, it was more than a philosophical treatise. It gave a foundation and a premise for all people to affirm their faith in freedom and to reject tyranny. And it led to the establishment of the legal framework for what human beings should expect in their lives on this planet – the delineation of human rights in the Bill of Rights as expressed in the U.S. Constitution.

The Constitution of the United States of America is seen for those who are forming CPR as the initial framework for the protection of people’s freedom. The first Ten Amendments, the Bill of Rights, became the more complete expression of the self-evident truths in the Declaration that proclaimed the basic unalienable Rights: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” 

The very First Amendment to the Constitution was written to ensure that religious worship would not be impinged upon by government, as well as a number of other fundamental freedoms regarding free speech, freedom of the press, and freedom to congregate.

The leaders of the CPR are taking a stand as much as Patrick Henry took a firm stand when he proclaimed, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!” Most students of American history are somewhat familiar with this quotation from Patrick Henry, however, many may not understand the context, and may not know the circumstances.

At the time, the Second Virginia Convention had met on March 20, 1775 in Richmond in what is now called St. John’s Church. The patriots met at an inland location instead of the Capitol in Williamsburg in order to avoid interference from Royal operatives in the Capitol — especially Lieutenant-Governor Dunmore and the Royal Marines. Delegate Patrick Henry was speaking to the action item dealing with the crux of the matter: raising a militia for the defense of the good people of Virginia.

A little over a year later in June 1776, Virginia Delegate Richard Henry Lee made the Lee Resolution to the Second Continental Congress that the colonies should declare independence from Great Britain. The “rest is history.” Patrick Henry’s spirit was that of many of the early patriots who took a stand for liberty. They got it in their time. They saw the signs. It was that core of visionaries who developed the Independence that Americans have inherited from decade to decade.

Now, in this time, modern day patriots sense the danger of losing that very Liberty for which people like Patrick Henry and the other patriots were willing to die. There are parallels to that time of the birth of our nation.

Today, it would be healthy for Americans to remember that the high ideals of the Declaration of Independence and the principles embedded in the Constitution were so noble that they were beyond the reach of most people, not only in the last quarter of the 18th century, but throughout America’s history. Today, citizens have become confused by the contemporary narratives spewed forth from the mainstream media and the political parties. “We the People” have lost touch with the general principles of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The CPR effort is about the resuscitation of those values, ideals, and founding principles. 

The CPR is also a call to action for all people of conscience to listen for Heaven’s call, to awaken, and to actively and willfully align themselves with God’s Will in this time – a most serious time of transformation – fundamentally for individuals, especially for families, for churches, communities, for every state, and for our beloved nation. The CPR is a focus upon the application of such high ideals to the more noble pursuit of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of personal and family virtues, even on a universal level. 

If you or an organization you are involved with are interested in helping restore our nation, follow this link to a form where you can give us your contact information and tell us about you or your group.

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  1. mcbuff -

    Pat Henry. . .another great Virginian!!. . .I’ve been to St.John’s church. . .they have an reenactment of Patrick Henry’s “give me Liberty or give me death” speech. . .so moving. . .I recommend it highly. Btw, Henry was a strong “anti-Federalist”. . .He lobbied hard against the opening phrase of the Constitution, “We the People” preferring instead “We the States.”. . he didn’t sign the Constitution as a result. . he feared a federal government would become an out of control behemoth. . .in fact. . .hey!!. . maybe he was on to something. . ..which is why we still revere Patrick Henry (and all our Virginian Patriots!!)

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