The “Coalition to Prop Up Joe Biden” for POTUS

The “Coalition to Prop Up Joe Biden” for POTUS

by Dennis Jamison 8/4/2020

Although Joe Biden is the Democrat candidate for POTUS, the Democrat Party is really the candidate for POTUS in the 2020 elections. Several arms of the umbrella juggernaut of the “Democratic” Party are doing much of the heavy lifting for “good ole Joe” while he passes the days away in the midst of his basement bunker. Up on the surface, Marxists are rampaging through the streets of Democrat – controlled cities. And for appearances during the election year, Democrat leaders of this umbrella “Coalition to Prop Up Joe Biden” will trot “good ole Joe” out to impart words of wisdom to those who would pretend he can utter words of wisdom.

The main group in the “Coalition to Prop Up Joe Biden” may be the latest rendition       of Obama’s efforts at Organizing for America, which once evolved into Organizing for Action, which may have been simplified to “Act Blue,” which receives the donations to Black Lives Matter. It may be one of the best fundraising scams of the former organizer- in-chief. In reality, Obama is actually still organizing for fundamental change in America. And what a free ad campaign — painting Black Lives Matter on all city’s streets!

Actually, the BLM name is not just the name of the organization; it has swiftly become a poisonous mantra that infects people’s minds. Superficial social and business realms all across America have fallen victim to the narratives portraying reasons for the existence and justification for Black Lives Matter. Thus, BLM = “Act Blue” = the Democrats. One and the same! No doubt exists that the old organizer-in-chief is still leading from behind and organizing people for fundamental change. It makes sense Obama would be there for his main man, “good ole Joe.” But, Black Lives Matter terrorists will be there for “good ole Joe.” All the Democrat mayors and governors who allow unrestricted BLM and Antifa violence in their cities for the full television spectacle will be there for “good ole Joe.”

Yet, who really benefits from Obama’s “generosity,” and generosity from the American people donating to the BLM movement? Of course, not many can deny it is all for Party, power, and of course Obama’s personal legacy seems to have been tarnished. Definitely, Democrats in the umbrella coalition hope to benefit by working in lockstep with the former POTUS. The old Obama gang are staging a comeback and imagine to be reunited in the Rose Garden once again. But, at what expense does such a rosy future unfold?                       

Alarm is being raised that BLM is a Marxist organization and is not shy about using violence to intimidate or kill off the opposition. Yet, an historical audit of the Democrat track record demonstrates that Democrat leaders have used fear, intimidation, and violence throughout their history to protect their mini-empires. Additionally, the Party has flirted with Marxism for over 100 years. Essentially, BLM is just the latest evolution of the Party’s effort to maintain an arm of terror. Along with Antifa and the anarchists, the three organizations form a tripartite department of the Democrat Party. Democrats have found or unleashed a new generation of Brown Shirts, or Black Shirts, to implement the use of terror for the Party’s political gain and retention of power.

From the inception of the “Democratic” Party under President Andrew Jackson, official federal policy was directed to initiate the use of force or terror against innocent targets. Jackson, the old Indian fighter, was willing to use military force against the Civilized Tribes of American Indians as they were physically removed from their ancestral homelands in the Southeast. Jackson claimed it was for “their own good.” And, Democrats got away with it.

In the same time period, the undeniable use of brutal force was utilized in the slave empire of the Deep South as a “natural” way to maintain control over human beings that were not viewed as fully human. The Civil War broke this slave empire and left the Party of the Confederacy broken and crippled. Democrats needed a way to adapt to Union Army control over their state governments during Reconstruction. Answering the dilemma of maintaining a degree of political dominion in the Deep South, a terrorist organization called the Ku Klux Klan formed on December 24, 1865.

The  Klan was an extremely secretive and self-protective organization, the purpose of the “Invisible Empire of the South“ was aimed at protecting and perpetuating the old white power structure Democrats had forged before transforming into the Confederate States of America.

In 1988, historian Eric Foner published a book entitled, Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution, 1863–1877. Foner described the Klan as:

a military force serving the interests of the Democratic party, the planter class, and all those who desired restoration of white supremacy. Its purposes were political, but political in the broadest sense, for it sought to affect power relations, both public and private, throughout Southern society. It aimed to reverse the interlocking changes sweeping over the South during Reconstruction: to destroy the Republican party’s infrastructure, undermine the Reconstruction state, reestablish control of the black labor force, and restore racial subordination in every aspect of Southern life.

This seems descriptive of BLM today. In the late 1800s, Southern Democrats denied the Klan’s existence. Radical Republicans in Congress held official congressional hearings regarding obstructionist and extreme violent tactics of the Klan, but there was no success in getting to the truth regarding the “reign of terror” that was directed against Republican leaders both white and black. It was about as successful an outcome as Attorney General William Barr’s efforts to investigate the Obama Administration’s Spygate debacle.

As a changing America moved beyond the Civil War, the “Democratic” Party was forced to adapt, and in the North, connections with Big Labor unions were forged. Unions readily connected with the Democrats due to a perception that they always defended the rights of the “working man.” Yet, the use of violence in confrontations between labor and owners showed that labor unions were a formidable force. The Haymarket Square Riot and the infamous Homestead Strike in the latter part of the 1800s reflect a turning point in U.S. history in which Big Labor came of age.

Possibly the most critical confrontation occurred in the polarizing Pullman Strike. In the hot summer of 1894, in the midst of the worst economic depression prior to the Great Depression, an American Railway Union strike pitted the ARU against the Pullman Palace Car Company, railroad companies, as well as the U.S. government. The strike spread from Chicago to St. Louis. Violence exploded, and the strike quickly swept through the nation like a California wildfire in dry summer heat. It spread to 27 states and managed to cripple U.S. rail transportation.

President Grover Cleveland felt compelled to mobilize Federal troops to the Chicago area in order to quell the destructive strike. Yet, Democrat Cleveland became the goat of his party. The governor of Illinois, Democrat John Altgeld, and the mayor of Chicago, Democrat John Hopkins, were outraged when Cleveland sent federal troops into Chicagoland. Sadly, before the strike officially disbursed, approximately 30 people, including 13 strikers, had been killed. In all, 57 people had been injured or wounded. Mobs caused about $340,000 (equivalent to roughly $80 million today) of property damage.

This reality could be coming from today’s headlines. The showdown Cleveland had with the mayor and governor in Illinois, parallels what President Trump is now facing with the five Democrat mayors who permit the violence, even condone it, and have the audacity to say federal agents are the cause of the violence. That is idiotic logic. It is Democrat logic, but this time around they are not just trying to establish a symbiotic relationship, their aim is to destroy the nation. It is not a normal election year – it’s an insurrection.

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