The Constitution Under Fire

The Constitution Under Fire

By Judith La Montagne – 10/12/2020

The United States faces a very real threat to American rights as promised under our Constitution, the final law of our land. Whereas religious belief or non-belief was formerly the rock of our country and our justice system, the Democrat socialists are fighting Amy Coney Barrett in her candidacy for Supreme Court Justice primarily because of her religious faith, which should have no bearing whatsoever on her ability to serve and is, in fact, unconstitutional. She is a candidate of poise, self-control, religious beliefs–and great judgmental ability. Only socialist Democrats could find a problem with that. She is eminently qualified in every way to serve as an impartial judge on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Amendment 1 comes strongly to Barrett’s rescue. All American rights are clearly delineated in that bedrock document, which is under fire today as never before. Let’s take a look at one of these threats currently being weighed in the balance in many ways, including the unfair argument against the confirmation of our current nominee.

1st amendment to the U. S. Constitution: (1791) “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech or of the press; or of the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

It is the religious part of this amendment that is currently being argued. We have a fully accredited and rightfully nominated applicant for a vacant position on the Supreme Court. Amy Comey Barrett is unquestionably qualified, yet she is undergoing demonization because of her Catholic faith and conservatism. In reality, the religious charges are only an excuse for what would be her ability to affect the Left’s political plans. From the Left’s viewpoint, how dare Barrett be a conservative and a believing Christian in this “enlightened” age! Worse still, she is a practicing church-goer! The Democrats, knowing that Christians will uphold all Constitutional statutes, cannot allow this.

While Judge Barrett upholds the tenets of her faith, she has sworn to judge according to the Constitution. That is the duty of any judge. All people have individual opinions of what is right and wrong. But despite her individual beliefs, Judge Barrett has. promised to follow the Constitution as she has in all her former judicial dealings. It is telling that she has received only the highest praise from all former personnel with whom she has served. The real issue for the left, as we know, is her personal opposition to abortion.

Joe Biden, a self-declared supporter of abortion, has openly defied the preservation of life guaranteed in the Constitution, and he holds this belief in spite of modern scientific studies declaring that an infant is, indeed, a living human being and requires only time to mature. Biden would refuse these innocent lives an opportunity for life, which makes him a religious hypocrite. His supposed-Catholic faith, as is universally recognized, is adamantly against abortion. Biden’s stated approach to abortion is purely political, and most Constitutional Americans are sickened by his lack of respect for developing babies who cannot fight back..

Our current president and his nominee believe unquestionably in the right to life, as clearly stated in the Constitution. Although abortion rights was not debatable at the time  of the Constitution, we know definitely where they stood in regard to life. We should seriously ask ourselves why our Founding Fathers added our first amendment to the Constitutional cement if they didn’t consider it of utmost importance. Anyone, except a 1619 believer, knows the founders were religious men who thought the exercise of religion of supreme importance to the welfare of the nation. These great men supported human lives no matter where they were on the timeline of life.

What has happened to our guaranteed right to worship? Because of Covid-19, many legislators have thought it best to shut down places of worship to prevent the spread. Some were, I’m convinced, motivated by their love of sheer power. They did it because they could.  They arrogantly assumed that most Americans didn’t possess common sense. Earlier in the course of Covid19, closing churches might have been justified– although most church leaders were more than willing to take any precautions necessary. Interestingly, bars and Planned Parenthood centers remained open to continue their harm. What were the governors’ justifications for that? Planned Parenthood even received forbidden stimulus money, which it later refused to refund.

Even today we have Governor Cuomo, under the guise of Covid-19, insisting that Jewish people still cannot worship freely in New York. Really? What about the first amendment right to freely practice religion? As Cuomo throws bread crumbs to the masses, he allows perhaps 75 people to congregate? How nice! What about the 76th person? Will the Liberal Gestapo be there to count? O, I know. He’s protecting his citizens. But what about the hundreds of other worshippers who would like to attend? Shouldn’t that be their choice, too? How do governors have the hubris to decide who can or cannot attend church services? If worshipers are willing to take the risk of attending church, that should be their prerogative. Cuomo’s only duty is to provide for safety measures before, during, and after services, not to interfere with the right to worship.

Here is a thought for our leaders to consider: If everyone were totally protected in everything they did, we would have no doctors or nurses caring for COVID patients. We would never go anywhere at night without an escort. If we take the argument a step further, we definitely would not be blessed with our police personnel, who literally risk their lives every time they report for duty. But that is another argument for another time. We wouldn’t even dare to drive the dangerous freeways of California. Nevertheless, we find the benefits worth the risks. In the past, Americans have never lacked for courage. They have certainly shown it again during the time of Covid.

The defining factor in the shutdowns is whether the risk is worth the gain. So what is gained by religious worship? Civilization, that’s what. Religion’s purpose is to make us keenly aware of the needs and importance of people other than ourselves; in other words, better people. Religion teaches us that we shouldn’t lie, steal, riot–and certainly never kill others except in self defense. These restrictions are contained in the Ten Commandments and they have been informing people’s actions for thousands of years concerning what is right and wrong. And what is the problem with that? It has been obvious throughout the history of Planet Earth that when we break these basic laws or allow others to do so, society falls apart. We need more emphasis on worship and on the Ten Commandments, certainly not less.

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