The Continuing War on Christianity: 70% of the Churches are Now Open… 5 Things You Should Know

The Continuing War on Christianity: 70% of the Churches are Now Open… 5 Things You Should Know

by Craig Huey – July 31, 2020

70% of churches are now open.

But the war on Christians is keeping 30% closed.

The bureaucratic and political opposition to churches being truly open continues as politicians continue to restrict or outlaw church attendance…even home fellowships and prayer groups…and in some areas singing and worship.

Here are 5 things every Christian should know.

  1. Church openings and forced government closings.

Churches across America are opening, and ministries again are starting up.

Sadly, thousands of churches are still closed.

Here are the stats for churches opening:

  • July: 70% open; 30% closed
  • June: 55% open; 45% closed

About 10% of churches stayed open during the “two week lockdown” and beyond. The percentage has increased each Sunday as more and more churches began to meet – mostly “illegally.”

Some states such as California have escalated the war against Christians with unrealistic restrictions on attendance, outlawing worship and singing and prohibiting prayer meetings and home fellowships.

  1. Church Reopening: Surprise Growth

The reopening of churches was expected to be slow.

Every case I have seen it is different, but it is not slow.

People want to be back.

Grace Chapel in Tennessee was back to pre-pandemic numbers in only three weeks.

For one California church:

  • 1st week: 1,000 people came on opening day
  • 2nd week: service attendance was 1,500
  • 3rd week service was at 2,000
  • 4th week service was at 6,000 (2 services)
  1. Church Precautions for Safety

Each church is different on handling safety.

Grace Chapel in Franklin, Tennessee offers four types of service:

  1. Normal indoor sanctuary, no mask necessary and no social distancing
  2. Special room for those who want to wear masks and social distance (less than 5% do)
  3. Outdoor
  4. Family room


  • 35% of churches are requiring masks be worn, 65% do not require them.
  • 20% added services
  • 14% check temperatures
  • 9% have hand sanitation stations available
  1. Church Opening: President Trump declared church “essential.”


In May, President Trump declared churches “essential” – not “non-essential” – and, they should all open.

But for many, the local, county and state government stood in the way.

Since then, for example, California, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Illinois, and others have made it harder to open churches.

Some like Harvest, pastored by Greg Laurie, and Calvary Chapel South Bay, now meet outdoors.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills and Dr. John MacArthur’s church are ignoring the “mandates” and instead are following what they believe to be God’s command to open their church doors.

  1. Concerts and crusades – banned…


Across America, the church is having concerts and evangelical outreach.

In Tennessee, I went to a Christian concert attended by over 2,000 people.

In California, baptisms, concerts and more are “illegal.”

Greg Laurie used to fill Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California with massive 3-day events.

I have attended them for over 20 years… seeing thousands come to the Lord.

Now, he cannot hold the events.

During the pandemic and shutdowns, Greg’s online streaming Sunday service has reached historic highs in attendance.

Since March, 85,000 people have made a profession of faith in Christ.

Now he will use his database to promote, “A Rush to Hope” on Labor Day weekend with For King and Country, Mercy Me and Jeremy Camp.

Sean Feucht is leading worship, prayer for salvation and baptism outside…despite the California state ban. Thousands have attended in select cities, hundreds accepting Christ as their personal savior.

The government is not pleased – and is threatening the attendees and Sean.


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