The Dark Party

The Dark Party

By Mike Lewinski

It’s utterly amazing that we are involved in such a deeply complex society. Just consider American society; it is a land blessed with great wealth. Much of that wealth is in the hands of only a few people. This elite group of people has many conflicting agendas.

There are trillions of dollars available to private interests. Imagine what the good guys and the bad guys could do with those resources. Various foundations on both the left and right are engaged in a war to determine the bent of our society. You are witnessing a choice between the ideas of Karl Marx and the ideas of Thomas Jefferson.

A capitalist system is based upon how well you serve your customers, while a socialist system is based upon greed. In a capitalist system, free people serve each other, which promotes prosperity. In a Marxist system, you have a corrupt totalitarian regime with the few at the top ending up with most of the wealth. One does not have to look far to find these failures. Cuba and Venezuela are the closest.

The party that represents Marxist ideology are the Democrats controlled by Progressives. The parties that represent Jeffersonian thought are the Republican and Librarian parties. With all of the manipulation of public opinion, how can you trust what’s being presented to you?

It’s not difficult to do. You simply look at the values they represent. Marxism is anti-family, it seeks to suppress religious freedom, freedom of speech and Second Amendment rights, property rights, and many more. On the other hand, Jeffersonian values promote what Marxists desire to eliminate.

Christians and others who support these values are going to have to say, “No –  enough!” That is if you treasure the traditional American way of life. We already have a leader in President Trump. You just have to enthusiastically and energetically support him. Communicate with friends, co-workers, church family, and family members. Tell them to support the party of light and resist the dark party.

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