The Death of Common Sense

The Death of Common Sense

Your mother said when you were two years old, “If you put your hand on this hot stove you’ll get burned.” That’s common sense. Just holding your hand near the stove is enough to convince you that this is true, without having to actually burn yourself.

But recently politicians have been able to defy common sense by promising things that just aren’t possible. They sound good, “Free health care for all, free college for all, tax the rich.”

It costs over $2 million to train a doctor. A state of the art MRI machine costs $3 million. Developing a new drug can cost over $2 billion. The annual cost of health care in the United States is $3.2 TRILLION. How can anyone promise it will be free?

Similarly, a college education is $10,000 to $30,000 for a public or private college. Over four years that adds up to $40,000 to $120,000. There are approximately 20 million students in colleges every year. How can we promise to give free college to everyone? And wouldn’t more people go to college if it were free? Total expenditures for public and private colleges are approaching $500 billion per year.

In order to peddle the first two nonsensical ideas of free health care and free college, the politicians put forth the next promise – “Tax the rich.”

“Yeah, that’s right, the rich have all the money. They didn’t earn it, they need to pay their fair share!”


The simple chart above for 2015 shows that the top .1% pay over 20% of our annual tax bill, the top 1% pay 38% of the total, while the bottom 60% pay 5.4%. Americans who earn over $200,000 pay 60% of the total. Quick math tells you that the top 300,000 Americans paid $300 billion in taxes, while the bottom 180 million Americans paid less than $8 million.

So what would be a “fair share?” Left-wing Democrats say “the rich” should pay 70%, which would triple their rate, and some even say 90%.

Common sense tells you that if you can only keep 10% of what you earn, why would anyone take a loan on their house and work 80 hours a week to start a business? Why would you risk everything you own to give 90% of your income to people who have risked nothing? Entrepreneurs and small businesses hire more Americans than “huge corporations.” If you destroy the incentive to succeed, we’ll all be out of work.

The inevitable result of excessive taxes on the rich has been for the rich to go somewhere else. That’s just common sense. This happens with states all the time. New York and California have among the highest rates, while Florida and Texas are among the lowest.

It’s just common sense that if you have to pay more in one state (or country), you’ll go somewhere to pay less.

So why is it so appealing to ignore “common sense” in favor of “non sense?”

MRI studies have shown that the emotional part of the brain is used when discussing politics. Political arguments are couched in logical terms, but logic has nothing to do with it. Look at videos of Leftists screaming at the top of their lungs when Trump was elected, or banging on doors when Justice Kavanaugh was confirmed. This is not logic and reason, but pure emotion. And the emotions are fear, hate and envy.

Stirring up fear, hate and envy is an easy way to get money for your political campaign. And a politician will do or say anything to raise money and get elected. That’s just common sense.

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