The Democratic Socialists Want To Create A One-Party Country

The Democratic Socialists Want To Create A One-Party Country

By Michael J. Lewinski –  02/06/21

With nearly 800 pages, H.R. 1 would transform America into a one-party state. Its  proponents deceptively call it the “For the People Act.”

They propose measures including internet, automatic voter and same-day registration, calling it “democracy restoration.” They also want to register voters under the age of 18 and insist on early voting and voting by mail. People could also use an online address for registration. These are some of the means by which the Left stole the election from President Trump.

These Progressives want to take away from state legislatures the right to redistrict their states. They also want to deny states the right to prohibit curbside voting. They propose to revamp our election infrastructure and oversee online political advertising. They want to tell us which campaigns use deep fake advertising.

They want to change the Federal Election Commission to expand Progressive power. These people want to prohibit members of the House from serving on the boards of for-profit corporations.

Progressives who hate Constitutional restrictions declared “Congress finds that the Constitution of the United States grants explicit and broad authority to protect the right to vote, to regulate elections for Federal office, and to defend the Nation’s democratic process.”

Just like Stacey Abrams, this Congress is going to interfere in the purging of voter rolls. This bill from hell will change the rules for primary and general elections. Its supporters are also going after campaign funds allowed by the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling, which they say is not fair.

This bill is designed by Progressives to neuter Conservatives. They want to limit the amount of money people can contribute and that Conservative candidates can raise. They want to codify the rules that allow them to steal elections.

Their stealing was conclusively demonstrated by Mary Fanning in Mike Lindell’s program about election fraud. She had the election results for 29,900 counties in the United States. She has the IP address for the computers that hacked into the voting machines –  66% of the computers were in China. She shows how many votes they stole from President Trump. Look up Mike Lindell.

This bill must not be allowed to become law!


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