The Destructive “Impeachment Corps” of the “Democratic” Party 

The Destructive “Impeachment Corps” of the “Democratic” Party 

by Dennis Jamison 10/7/19

The “Impeachment Corps” of the Democrat leadership continues to spin one narrative after another, as it has now become like a daytime soap opera, or a bad reality show derivative.  But bad reality TV seems to be what the “Democratic” Party is trying to ram down the throats of anyone who seems capable of swallowing it. And all across America in this pre-2020 drama, citizens are beginning to choose sides. Depending on the various levels of comprehension of what this cumulative coup attempt entails, the people are formulating opinions. This is how America is being divided. But, is it only over Trump?

In this moment in history, President Donald Trump needs the American people to understand the dangers to the Republic, not just to his presidency. The Constitution of the United States does not seem to matter to the “Democratic” Party anymore. They invoke the words of support for the Law of the Land, but they do not support law and order, the basis of a civil society. The words of the Democrat “leaders” have about as much merit as the platitudes emanating from the “Friends of the Constitution” in the time of the French Revolution. In the end, the Jacobin Party destroyed the dreams of the true patriots of the French Republic, just as the Democrats are attempting to destroy the dreams of the founders of this great Republic.

Words emanating from current Democrat “leaders” seem to come across as idealistic platitudes, but represent the “Newspeak” that George Orwell prophesied in his dystopia, “1984.” Additionally, the words of the current Democrat leadership also sound similar to a reverse reality, as when the terrorists who committed the attacks on 9/11/2001 were described by Osama bin Laden as “freedom fighters” exhibiting “defiant spirits” in a fight against an evil oppressive empire. The Democrats are in a fight for their very survival, but it is not just the Democrats. It is also the “Never Trumper” GOP adherents as well, because both entities represent the established political elitist-criminal cabal that seeks to control the American people. These elitists are supposedly acting in the name of freedom. But the question is: “Freedom for whom?”

If left unchecked, the Democrat leadership could destroy the country as Nancy Pelosi has most astutely predicted. But, within her foresight, Democrats could also just be self-destructing. Party solidarity is weakening and the leadership talks mostly about the virtues of socialism, which is diametrically opposed to the foundational principles of this great Republic. Like the Jacobin Party and the “Friends of the Constitution” during the French Revolution, the facade of words protected them from the simple- minded people who could not keep up with the insidious plans of those who had no true intent of supporting the newly adopted French constitution. The ends to which the Jacobin Party aimed their actions was the pursuit of pure political power, not support of a Constitutional Republic. Democrats are now showing very similar intent and focus of action. 

It is clearly evident that Americans are seriously divided. People are choosing sides – even those who have not ever been involved in politics previously. And, although the division seems to be clear from more simplistic perceptions, there is more than meets the eye. Of course, there are the obvious political maneuvers made by each party, and those are what can be seen. Recently, Rep. Devin Nunes, in a congressional hearing, explained that the impeachment efforts were not about truth, facts, or even crimes — that it was about the “Democratic” Party and the leftist mainstream media working in tandem to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump. But, in the process, if their procedures are successful, it seriously impairs the Constitution, and practically nullifies the rights of the American citizens who elected him.

Additionally, it seems on the surface to be politics as usual as some politicians are facing a 2020 election. Recently, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky released an ad that reaffirmed his own political support for President Trump. Senate Majority Leader McConnell had stated that he would take up the impeachment fight in the Senate should the House take impeachment action against President Trump. But, apparently a new campaign ad from McConnel declared his “unwavering” support for the president. “All of you know your Constitution. The way that impeachment stops is with a Senate majority with me as Majority Leader,” he declared in the ad. Of course, it was a new campaign ad complete with a request for donations. Politicians will remain politicians.

Indeed, American is divided. Throughout human history, “divide and conquer” has been a strategy used to dominate an unsuspecting or ignorant people. The highly unusual and unprecedented hit tactics against President Trump does have parallels to the French Jacobins’ desire to deprive King Louis XVI of his head. Today, the Democrats are struggling with their survival. The Party lost the election of 2016, and are in danger of losing their relevance. Certainly, much of what they are currently pursuing is a “self-delusional” path to destroy whatever lies in their way of pure political power. And, that includes maintaining a momentum to divert America away from the ideals, principles, and values embedded in the founding documents of the United States of America.

America-hating Democrat leaders no longer have any loyalty to the values in the Declaration of Independence. For the most part, such leaders in the “Democratic” Party do not believe in God, so the Declaration of Independence has no meaning with regard to citizen’s rights being viewed as gifts from the Creator. To Democrat leaders, there is only government as well as the political power utilized in control of the government. Democrat leaders could care less about any bodily harm to the president, or to citizens who support Trump. Democrat leaders could care less about defending the value of law and order, private property, or defending the founding principles. It is very likely America is witnessing a destructive domestic enemy self-destructing before our eyes.

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