The Devil Running Away With America On Day Of The Biden Inauguration

The Devil Running Away With America On Day Of The Biden Inauguration

By Judi McLeodJanuary 13, 2021

What will happen between now and next Wednesday’s surrealistic Biden-Harris Inauguration on the steps of the Capitol before being led into the White House by the Military?

To all click bait pushers: NO ONE, other than God Almighty, really knows.

No one knows everything about what’s going to happen over the next few days, and anyone who claims they do, is flat out lying.

Information on the web has now gone past the boiling point all the way to hysteria.

But amidst all the hysteria hoopla, including videos “shared” by those claiming to now have permission of high-up informers to altruistically warn us that Martial Law is imminent, there could be a kernel of truth:

President Donald Trump is not waiting in the White House for Nancy Pelosi to come and drag him out of there “by his hair, feet and little hands” because he may have already taken refuge at a military base.

To be clear, we don’t know this, we’re only hearing about it.

As I wrote to a long-time friend who messaged the Mother Ship this morning, asking if we know “what is REALLY going on”,  I responded: When President Trump asserted twice this week, ”Never tell your enemy what you are going to do”, it was a message to the Democrats—and to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in particular,”adding that “Pelosi has been wildly boasting that she would drag the president out of the White House, ‘by his hair, feet and little hands’.

“Try that at a military base, Mrs. Pelosi.”

There can be little doubt that the Democrats would have a harder time impeaching the President from afar.

So in thee 11th-hour, just like in Rome which has two popes—one of whom must be bogus—we have two militaries, one which the media tells us will escort the corrupt Biden into the White House on Inauguration Day, and the one purportedly guarding the president at a Texas Military Base.

In which one would you have the most faith?

Here at CFP, an hysteria high reached its zenith today when a conservative source messaged that Trump “could possibly be having a breakdown with the stress he’s been under”.

“I asked if Trump could possibly be having a breakdown with the stress he’s been under… the answer was yes, a huge possibility that this was the case and they are very worried for him.”

Isn’t a “nervous breakdown” exactly what Desperado Democrats need to impeach this right-as-rain president?

Needless to say that the next BCC from this source will find the CFP delete button.

The masses are supposed to reel into shock and despair every time the social media—which has cut off all communication lines to truth tellers—just as Communists always do, the the most important line of Communication cannot possibly be cut.

That is the line of communication between the masses and the Almighty—“as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be”.

Drunk with power lust, the Democrats control the masses through both pandemic fear mongering and 100 percent Digital Censorship.

Democrats have convinced themselves that uncountable millions will be watching their surrealistic Biden-Harris Inauguration on Jan. 20.

But who wants to watch Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama lay wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, as the Biden Team will have them do?

Their Dance of the Dead continues its way to a hopeful burial of the republic with any resistance already dead and buried.

As sure as the Creator made day and night, Antifa and Black Lives Matter—which have been doing damage to Trump’s name—will continue to do so.

It all comes down to a question of belief.

Don’t believe in the hype hoopla. Don’t believe that any talking head over at Gloat Central (Fox News) will save you.

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