The Dismantling of a Great Nation or WANTED: Real Conservatives

The Dismantling of a Great Nation or WANTED: Real Conservatives

By Ray DiLorenzo —-April 1, 2021

Many of us have heard of the life stages of a great civilization. Every great nation passed through these stages without understanding the road they were paving for themselves. It’s about time we did.

The first stage moves from bondage to spiritual faith. The second from spiritual faith to great courage. The third stage moves from great courage to liberty. The fourth from liberty to abundance. The fifth moves from abundance to selfishness. The sixth stage from selfishness to complacency. The seventh moves from complacency to apathy. The eighth from apathy to moral decay. The ninth from moral decay to dependence. And the tenth and last stage moves from dependence back to bondage.

I believe that we are in the last phase of dependence entering bondage, and with the approval of less than half of our nation. Why so few can dictate its direction is because of the makeup of that piece of the pie. The degeneracy within the deepest bowels of our government that has risen to the top, a corrupt mainstream media, a decomposing academia from kindergarten onward, the entertainment industry, and corporate America, are all in on the ‘fix.’

Bill O’Reilly likens it to stupidity, much of it among our largest corporations that have given millions to Marxist organizations like Black Lives Matter thinking they will get kudos. Their disconnect with reality and everyday Americans is stunning.

The meeting between China and the United States last week in Alaska revealed much. It revealed what so many of us already knew. Our democracy, our constitutional republic is, if not a sham, is well on its way to being so, ironically with Chinese help. Our nation, in just a few short months, has gone from an emerging rebirth of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to a wave of tyranny and domination slopping over America, corrupting everything it touches.

Our Republicans and Democrats, like different species of animals, have their eccentricities. Democrats are like musk ox, clinging defensively together no matter the issue. Too many Republicans are not like elephants at all, looking after each other with a memory of those that threaten. They are more like foxes, sly, independent, doing their own thing, and looking for opportunity and approval from just about anywhere.

States like Wyoming, where Democrats don’t have a chance at winning an election have so many RINOS they could open a zoo. Democrats move there for the low taxes, clean air, and a standard of living untouched by generations of liberal government. Upon arrival, the Dems simply register as Republicans and go about their business destroying the state. Wyoming’s former outspoken RINO, Senator Alan Simpson, who I have met several times and even had lunch with, said in a 2014 commercial that homosexual marriage was part of a “great western tradition.”

Kristi Noem shocked the conscience of every conservative by her non-veto veto of a bill that would have protected women athletes from men pretending to be women. A no-brainer. In an interview with Tucker Carlson, she gave one of the most lame explanations I have ever heard, trying hard to make both sides happy. Ms. Governor, you can’t. You should have figured that out by now.

Mitt Romney, the vagabond senator from Utah, doesn’t seem to know who he is, or knows who he is, but hides it very well. He believes in abortion, and stringent gun laws. He ran for president, was convinced he was going to win, stopped campaigning late in the game, and then when given the opportunity couldn’t make the kill shot (so to speak) against a very vulnerable president. He comes off like a conservative, but joined the anti-Trumpers with exuberance, insisting that Trump is not presidential, as if being presidential has ever gotten us anywhere. He even joined the Marxist group, Black Lives Matter in an anti-police protest in DC.

We The People have caught on to the Democrat plan to dismantle this country. The evidence and co-incidences are everywhere. We see the hate, the preoccupation with race and gender baiting. It has gotten old. We see the insistence on the abstract, the imagination, the belief that what is not real is real and what is absolute is not real. We see the thousands of illegal aliens streaming past our borders every day without vetting or even a COVID test, showing the world the Democrats’ blatant hypocrisy. We have lived the economic destruction from a pandemic with better than a 99% recovery, the burning of our neighborhoods, the murders and assaults without criminal penalty while federal authorities hunt down innocent Trump supporters like animals because they entered the Capitol building by police invitation, no less, during a peaceful protest.

The people will no longer accept any lockdowns, face masks or even the thought of mandatory vaccinations. We’ve taken our masks off and find the air is just fine, thank you. If the Left wants to hide and live in fear, that’s their business. We will no longer accept any antagonism of our faith, a broken economy, anti-American propaganda, and fear mongering. We will not accept any assault on our natural right to defend ourselves. That issue has been long established by our Constitution, settled by court decision and legal precedent.

What the majority of the people in this country want is simple. We want, no we demand, strong leadership to oppose this denuding, this dismantling of the greatest nation, and the greatest culture that Western civilization has ever produced. We demand that every state legislature conduct a transparent election audit to cleanse this country of the filth that has permeated every corner of our governmental system. Let every state that does so, proclaim it with pride. Let the states that balk at the thought show the free world who they are.

We need to prove to the world we are a fair, righteous, and law-abiding people. And we expect that from everyone, politicians included. We will no longer put up with any more political shenanigans. Our nation needs strong pro-American leadership, not go along, get along types. It’s time to clean house. We want the country our forefathers entrusted to us. And we will have it.

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