The End of Free Speech in America

The End of Free Speech in America

By Michael J. Lewinski 01/09/21

Censorship and cancel culture are increasingly growing in many of our American institutions.

As reported by Michael Deviney, “Censorship appears in many forms and attempts to discredit speakers are the latest tactic to silence conservatives and anyone who dares question authority. No one should be intimidated to give their opinion. We must stand up and speak out—don’t give in.”

This crap is being brought to us by the Progressive, Democratic Socialist party. With the inauguration of the Biden/Harris administration, the Progressives are in charge of the institutions that are going to crush free speech. Between the Progressive Democrats, the mainstream media, and social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Apple.

You must not feed the beast, the ruling elite who want to shut us up. Do not tune in to the Mainstream media. Do not read their publications and avoid their posts on the internet. Do go to alternative social media like GAB TV,, and Parlor. Use these alternatives to take away their power. This is one of the tools we must use to defeat the deep state.

Another action we must take is to organize and form collations to defeat them in the elections. We must put aside our differences if we want to retain our free speech in the home of the brave. We must never vote for anyone, but for true Moderates and Conservatives. They cherish free speech.

This is a truly bizarre situation that is taking over the country. It is like the country is mad and the world is upside down. In the wake of the protest at the Capital, Senator Josh Holley Simon & Schuster canceled the publication of his book. Who would have thought we would have seen this happening in America?

It is, however, and we must resist it just as we must every radical policy proposal the Progressives advance in the halls of government. We must resist adding new states, expanding the Supreme Court, higher taxes, gun regulations/confiscation, funding abortion. Pray for a free America and the strength to resist.

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