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The Enemies of the Cross – Citizen Sentinels Network

The Enemies of the Cross

The Enemies of the Cross

By Michael James Lewinski 10/28/22

 The enemies of Jesus are many and spread wide. The Chief enemy are the Progressive, Democratic Socialists. Many more are spread throughout the world. They are located in Ukraine, Canada, Great Britain, and many more countries. They support the  LGBTQ agenda. They encourage sodomy, same sex marriage, and the transgender movement that mutilates young and old people.

Sodomy is a sin. God’s rule for marriage is one man and one woman, not three partners in a marriage or someone married to an animal. Those things are happening now in real time. These enemies of the cross are sick. 

Various denominations accept lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer, pastors and bishops. The enemies of the cross encourage all people to engage in sin. Stealing is a sin. Under Proposition 47, stealing goods worth less than $950 does not count as felony but a misdemeanor.

 Progressive George Gascon, a San Francisco District Attorney in a series of policy directives that many misdemeanor cases will be dismissed, saying that nearly half of those incarcerated on pre-trial misdemeanor offenses suffer from mental illness.

The list of offenses he dismisses includes trespassing, disturbing the peace, a minor in possession of alcohol, driving without a license, driving with a suspended license, making criminal threats, drug and paraphernalia possession, being under the influence of a controlled substance, public intoxication, loitering to commit prostitution and resisting arrest.

 The Progressives encourage people to covet other people’s property. We hear all the time from the Progressive that the rich do not pay their fair share. They advocate for higher taxes so they can transfer that wealth to the poor. And make no mistake about it, the poor root for these policies because they covet their neighbors property. 

What kind of crazy world do we inhabit? It is the world that the Progressive, Democratic Socialist/Communists  have foisted upon us. A world where up is down, and down is up. During Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson questioning by the Senate judiciary committee, Sen. Marsha Blackburn famously asked her to define what a woman was. Jackson declined to answer the question on the grounds that she was not a biologist.

Embrace the Cross and fight against Jesus’. enemies!


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