The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element

By Michael J. Lewinski 12/11/19

There is a fifth element action being undertaken by progressive, Democratic Socialists, and a corrupt left-wing media. This effort has weakened the United States, both externally and internally.

The impeachment sham has distracted Congress from doing other necessary and important work for the American people. A budget has to be approved, the USMCA trade deal still needs to be approved, the opioid crisis must be addressed, and other important matters have likewise been ignored.

The phony impeachment hearings are distracting from foreign affairs and national security. Rocketman has been encouraged to pressure the U.S. Government for better terms on a nuclear deal, with him promising a special Christmas present for President Trump if they do not receive an offer for a better deal. China is further dragging its feet on a trade deal, leaving farmers and their families in the lurch.

Lies are the basis for evil in man. This sham impeachment is chock full of lies. They are that President Trump is guilty of treason, that he bribed a foreign leader, and that there was a quid pro quo. The Devil is the master of lies.

We’ve got to turn to God’s people to overcome these Progressive masters of lies.

There are so many more good guys working for the good of the country. Are you one of those good guys who are working to support our Conservative elected officials by voting for them and contributing sweat and treasure to their 2020 campaigns? Are you spreading the word about them to family, co-workers, friends and fellow church members?

Are you praying for God to give them wisdom and success in their endeavors?



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