The final takedown?

The final takedown?

by Don Rosenberg – 1/12/2021

The pieces of the puzzle fell neatly in place on January 6th. A massive protest that showed the world Donald Trump’s support, and a final effort to oppose the biggest electoral crime in world history, were suddenly transformed into the last step in the takedown of the Trump presidency and the first step in the takedown of the United States.

Will it stand? Supposedly Trump’s reputation is ruined. After all, he incited the largest riot in our nation’s history. But was the violence done by Trump supporters, or someone else?

The Gateway Pundit has been fearless in reporting the truth behind the lies. In a series of articles and videos the facts are emerging that tell the deeper story.

First question, “Is there any reason why someone from Antifa would attend a Trump rally?” Yes, to heckle, harass and threaten, but to participate as a member of the rally? No way.

It’s clear that Antifa was there with a specific mission – one that follows their regular pattern – insinuate themselves into a legitimate protest, raise the temperature of the crowd, and then incite violence and looting.

Here’s video from outside the Capital Building where a man at the front of the crowd started trying to break a window, while Trump supporters shouted “Antifa, Antifa!” and pulled him away. An eyewitness told his account that the man was dressed as a Trump supporter, but was from a group of Antifa members. He saw other attacks on the capital where true Trump supporters walked away saying “These are not our people.”

The man photographed in Speaker Pelosi’s chair was seen at a BLM march in Tempe, AZ in June.

Reporter Paul Sperry said during the January 6 protest that a “Former FBI agent on the ground at U.S. Capitol just texted me and confirmed that at least 1 “bus load” of Antifa thugs infiltrated peaceful Trump demonstrators as part of a false Trump flag ops.”

Here’s a video shows a Capital officer back-leading the group up the stairs while telling them to “back off” using only a baton. How did a mass of protesters get into the Capital Building with such light resistance from police?

This was a well-publicized event, why was there no opposition or bullying from “regular” Antifa members to Trump supporters? They’ve done so at every other Trump event. Could it be that they didn’t want to interfere with their “special operation?”

Skateboards and shields were used by the “protesters” – not something that Trump fans are familiar with. They had ropes at hand to scale the Capital Building walls. Here’s one dressed in typical Antifa gear.

See Antifa gas masks and helmets labeled as “PRESS.”

Antifa is well-organized and came prepared to instigate violence and do it themselves as necessary. This was Antifa all the way, run with their normal military precision. And it was a huge success.

The Left Press, Big Tech and the Democrat and Republican parties are gleefully pushing their favorite narrative that all Trump supporters are violent extremists and stormed the Capital Building. This was instantly used as the excuse to cease all resistance to the electoral college count fraud and denounce Trump. Trump says he has capitulated and says he’ll leave the White House when required. His administration is in disarray.

All questions about November election fraud will now be ignored, along with fraud that occurred in the Georgia runoffs that have turned the Senate to the Democrats, who will shortly control the trifecta of president, House and Senate. The RINO Republicans are just going along, hoping the Democrats will save a few crumbs for them along the way.

If this stands, America is in for some very dark times. Every radical promise that the Democrats have made will come true. They will ensure their permanent political power by packing the Supreme Court, packing the Senate with two new states, and packing the ballot boxes with Democrat votes in every future election with mail-in voting and all security safeguards removed.

The borders will be open to unlimited illegal invasion along with a massive crime wave. If bail laws are repealed in major cities as they have been in New York City and throughout California, criminals will be able to hunt at will.

The Paris Climate Accords will be reinstated, leading to the decimation of our oil and gas industries, while Iran will get their nuclear weapons and use them as a threat to blackmail Europe into buying their oil.

China’s crime of spreading the Coronavirus will be ignored along with their espionage, hacking and blackmail schemes to ensure power over our government leaders. Our military will be gutted and China will be able to expand control throughout Asia. Once China is back on top, all manufacturing will be gone from the United States, and they will have a stranglehold on our strategic military and pharmaceutical supplies. Along with the Russians who hacked our infrastructure systems, they will threaten to shut down our power grids if we don’t comply fully.

Any opposition will be squashed. Anyone who has supported Trump or spoken against the fraud will be punished, lose their job and be “reeducated.”

Will the vaccines be made mandatory? Will people who don’t submit be relegated to second-class status and be unable to fly on an airplane, ride a bus, or send their children to school?

Will the United States become America-zuela – dominated by the elite who will bankrupt the country, but make sure they and their cronies live like kings?

Many Americans thought they were doing the right thing by supporting Biden and the Democrats. Will they ever wake up and realize what they’ve lost? And once they do figure it out, will there be anything they can do about it?

They thought the Democrat party was “the champion of the poor and oppressed.” How quickly they will realize that the true Democrat party is dominated by the billionaire class and the rest of the wealthy. When the Trump tax cuts are repealed, they’ll see their taxes go up $6,000 a year, and small business taxes will increase as well, while big corporations will slide through with plenty of loopholes.

With their right to vote totally gutted, there will be no way to turn the House or the Senate in 2022. If they disagree, they will have no way to express themselves, since all social media will be under complete control.

The good news is that people in Californ-ezuela have seen what it’s like to live under the rule of a capricious dictator and their efforts to recall Gavin Newsome have already garnered about 70% of the signatures needed for a recall election. (Will Californians need a United Nations force to oversee the voting process just like third-world countries?)

Other Americans are looking for secure email alternatives and running away from YouTube, Twitter and Facebook to seek uncensored alternatives such as BitChute, Parler and Small business owners are banding together to resist arbitrary lockdown rules. Parents are demanding schools reopen and nurses and first responders are refusing to take the new vaccines. American shoppers are boycotting goods from China.

Our country is so rich because it is so complex, but complex societies are vulnerable to the slightest disruptions. What will happen if farmers decide not to sell their produce to corrupt inner cities, or oil-rich red states will refuse to sell to blue ones? Will police officers continue to resign in record numbers from corrupt inner cities?

Perhaps one weapon available to us will be shaming and humiliation. Project Veritas has been tireless in their efforts to expose corruption at all levels and their founder, James O’Keefe, is telling us to stay tuned, since he has hundreds of insiders ready to blow the whistle. Go here to share your story.

We are definitely in for a dark time, but remember, corruption is a cancer, and it can only exist where people permit it. Wake up Americans and fight back – even if you have to do it quietly.

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