The Forbidden Nobility

The Forbidden Nobility

By Michael J. Lewinski  

Titles of nobility are forbidden in the Constitution. I believe Progressives are going to strike this provision from our Constitution. I believe this because they are going to undo our form of government, in which President Lincoln noted that our Constitution enabled ballots to replace bullets in order to change governments.

Progressives are striving for a civil war in order to change our form of government. If they win it, the leaders will adopt various titles to distinguish them from us, whom they believe are inferior and are entitled to rule. Perhaps they will call themselves the Leader, the Commandant, or the Supreme Commander, with various other titles going to the other elites.

Progressive Democratic socialists never give up. If you can say anything about them, they certainly are persistent. Progressives, Socialists and Communists never quit until they succeed. They do it at the ballot box and with bullets. They do it any way they can.

Our challenge is that we must be more persistent than our enemies. The Left does not think of us as friends. Not so much for Conservatives. Not so much for Moderates. Not so much for Liberals either. We are their enemies, and we must understand that they are our enemies if we’re to continue to exist as Conservatives.

 We must defeat them on the streets, in cyberspace and at the ballot box. 

We must stop partaking in the mainstream media. Find alternative news sources who do not lie to you and feed you the Left’s propaganda. Change your reading and viewing habits.

Most importantly of all, we must pray and ask God to expose their dastardly plans for America. As a people, we must expose their treachery and underhandedness to many others. We can inform our fellow church members. We can inform our co-workers. We can call that to the attention of our neighbors, friends and family members both directly and indirectly by writing letters to the editor and calling-in to talk radio programs. 

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010. 


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