The Great Divide in America: It Blew their Minds, They Had No Clue

The Great Divide in America: It Blew their Minds, They Had No Clue

by Craig Huey, September 30, 2020

Within the United States, the country is divided into mostly free states and states that are in tyrannical lockdown. Those living in the lockdown states do not realize the fear, oppression, and lack of freedom they are experiencing. It’s their reality, their “normal.” Those in the free states do not realize the peace and freedom of choice they are experiencing. It’s their reality, their “normal.”


Today there’s a great divide between the collectivism and state control of the lockdown states and the individual freedom of the free states!

When I went to Cuba a few years ago, I noticed that of all the countries I had previously visited and spoken in, my time in Cuba was the most eye-opening. I never saw such oppressed people. Without hope. Fearful. Controlled. That reminds me of the lockdown states today.

My wife invited two dear friends for over 30 years to visit our new home in the free state of Tennessee. One came from Minnesota, a lockdown state. The other came from California, another lockdown state. In both states, people are experiencing restrictions on business, on worship and on so much more – to the extreme.

The schools and teachers’ unions, the media and the politicians all are rationalizing the lockdowns. But they are not needed based upon hospitalizations and death rate. The hospitals are not full. The death rate is tragic, but the numbers are not the 2 – 3 million that are falsely claimed. And the deaths are mostly confined to those aged 75 years and above … physically compromised … or housed in nursing homes.

My wife’s friends saw those in Tennessee not wearing masks – in public. They went to stores – no mask. They went to restaurants – not only did restaurant guests not wear masks, but the waitresses and cooks were not wearing masks. And yes, packed full inside. They went to church. No masks … and yes, packed full inside. Here is a video of the church services. Great Divide in States_video.MOV

They saw people worshipping just as before the pandemic.

No singing allowed in their states. No inside church services. No inside restaurant dining. No freedom. Few choices. What did they experience in a free state?

No mask. No fear. Only joy. Only freedom.

The contrast in the states was dramatic and clear. Had they not traveled, they would not have known. Had they not personally experienced the difference, they would not have believed it. To our readers in the lockdown states, it is time to be free.

To our readers in the free states, let’s keep it that way.

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