The Illusion of Racism

The Illusion of Racism

by Jim Harrison, 6/11/2020

In a recent editorial in the Columbus Dispatch newspaper Ohioans, were told that racism in causing a healthcare crisis in our Buckeye State. Then several days later that, “race is causing a health care crisis” in his city.  One week after the mayor’s racist proclamation we find the Ohio State Senate is now holding hearings on … yep, you guessed it, how Racism is causing a healthcare crisis in Ohio with a hint that systemic racism is affecting minority employment as well.

Before we go any further, let’s get this racism thing out of the way; why don’t we? First of all in today’s 21st century America, the practice of racism is a lie conjured up by those who need it to be so for their own personal gain. But to these leftist, communist activists and sympathizers, when did the truth ever matter? In order to accomplish their devilish goal of destroying the American Republic, racism must exist, therefore it has literally been spoken into existence.

 These insurgent truth deniers must have a “bad guy” otherwise they cannot manage the emotions of their subjects whom they wish to enslave to the state. Therefore, they cannot let the concept of racism die because it has been such an effective weapon to use, and one need only look to the streets of Milwaukee, Seattle, Columbus and other big cities to see just how effective.

But I’m white, so I must be guilty of racism, right? I get it, and that is simply because of the continual brainwashing by the major institutions in our society led by the snooze media.  These institutions with their consistent messages make it almost impossible NOT to feel uncomfortable when you hear the term racist. With that in mind let’s take an unofficial survey which I believe will help get “your mind right”:

In your circle of friends, relatives and business associates, how many folks do you know who are actively racist?  How many of your compatriots believe they are superior based solely on their skin color? Which one of them, because of their perceived supremacy, take advantage and/or cause harm to others with a different skin color? Yep, hard to find even one, right? Yes, I know that cultural differences exist, of course. But do your friends and family harm others purposely and maliciously based upon even those differences?  Of course they don’t. That simply isn’t who we are as Americans.

Yet, what are we hearing continually? It is assumed that in spite of mountains of evidence to the contrary a system of racism is causing a national pandemic. Behind every tree, under every rock and in every closet you can expect to find a bigot boogie man. Why all the paranoia? It is quite simply because we have been incessantly told to expect it. Our national perception of reality has been purposely blurred by prejudicial propaganda generated by those in want of more power over us along with their “useful idiots.”

What should our reaction be? For the sake of our still great country, we should not only be concerned but actually insulted by the implications of unfounded discussions on racism – regardless of our skin color. That is because in order to have such a discussion there should be a darn good reason.  In order to justify that need, one must first assume that there exists a minority of Americans who are incapable of taking care of themselves simply because of their skin color. 

Secondly, one must also believe that white Americans systematically want to harm blacks. It’s just what we do, we are told. Again, these are not the average American reflections but thoughts of others who stand to profit by it. Both of these absurd urban myths must be expunged from our national dialogue if this nation is to continue as the “land of the free and the home of the brave.”

But, there is no harm in just talking about racism, right?  In addition to insulting both parties, the mere public suggestion that systemic racism exists automatically raises the expectancy level of a targeted group of citizens and imposes shame on many others. And if nothing happens, then what? And, we all know that the longer the discussion the worse the situation will get.

If racism exists, it is because we allow it to be spoken into existence and the assumptive of racism will only end when that conversation ends. So, the next time you see a race hustler trying to conjure up the illusion of racism know that it is indeed just that . . . an illusion. That certainly isn’t who you are, or your family, friends or Americans in general. We must not allow ourselves to be enticed by evil men’s greedy deceptions. There exists no national operating system based on racism.  It just does not exist, end of story.

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