The Liberals’ Ten Commandments to Destroy America

The Liberals’ Ten Commandments to Destroy America

by Judith La Montagne, 8/20/2020

In a recent Citizen Sentinels Newsletter, Karen Hagestad Cacy wrote about Cleon W. Skousen’s  book The Naked Communist. In that same book, he wrote of ten goals the Communists’ were pursuing to destroy our nation. All these goals have come to pass: we are currently fast becoming a socialist state. This “ updated” version includes many of the concerns stated by Skousen.

Commandment #1: Destroy America’s Morals 

Communism’s first goal was to destroy the moral fiber of our citizens. Up to the Fifties, society largely mirrored the Ten Commandments. Stores were closed on Sunday so people could worship and children honored their parents. Lying and stealing were punished severely; the concepts of family and morality were honored. In fact, a major blockbuster of that era was The Ten Commandments, a Hollywood blockbuster based on the Bible.

In Hollywood, popular movies of the 50s and 60’s featured plots with strongly moral concepts. Moviemakers avoided crude language, immorality, and the constant gore and mayhem we see today. In current movies, language and morals have been perverted to appeal to the coarsest aspects of human nature. Simply being in a theater or watching TV can expose our children (and us) to coarse language and lax morals.

Media moguls cleverly established a rating code, convincing society that it would be helpful for monitoring content. But the code was a clever ruse. Films quickly graduated from the original moral code, “G,” to “PG” and then to “R” (Raunchy?) for the great majority of movies today. Touching romances were exchanged for one night stands. Within a few short years, filmmakers moved the bar to feature sexual promiscuity, indecent plots, and filthy language. Trying to placate families, only so many “sh—s” and “f—s” are allowed in a G movie. For the price of a ticket, our children can absorb foul-mouthed uses of the name of Deity, which is painful to  those who owe allegiance to a Higher Being. Pornography is everywhere and has become nearly impossible to avoid. Today PG ratings have become rarer than dinosaurs. No wonder we have become such a corrupt society.

Commandment #2: Destroy Freedom of Religion. 

The Covid pandemic has shown us where our state leadership stands in promoting religious worship. Bars, liquor stores, and Planned Parenthood clinics have been given a green light while churches cannot legally assemble. And even if they could, that bulwark of religious  expression, the singing of hymns, has been strictly forbidden.

Former President Obama spoke scurrilously about people who “cling to their rifles and Bibles.” Many in government would like to eliminate both. Leftists want to confiscate our guns and burn our Bibles–with the blessing of a former president!

Commandment #3: Limit population growth. 

Today, any mother who births more than two babies is considered selfish and dangerous to society. In the mid 1900s a pregnancy was celebrated by both the mother and her friends. Today’s zero population goal is going nowhere good. Planned Parenthood, the greatest of all aggressors against children, denies the sanctity of life. Abortions destroy not “fetuses,” but human beings whom science has proven require only time to mature. Abortion is so murderous that even aborted babies who survive can have their lives snuffed out with no attempt to save them. Their little bodies are then consigned to the garbage heap or cut up to provide body parts for experimentation.

It is no secret that many organizations actively participate in schemes to limit population: sex “education” in our schools, gender dysphoria, and actual sex change operations that permanently prevent reproduction are encouraged by some psychologists and performed by doctors without consciences. One thing is for sure.  Without working sex organs between male and female there can be no reproduction at all. You will not hear much about some of these more bizarre efforts in the news.  And if you don’t like this trend, you will be labeled a “hater.”

Commandment #4: Destroy the family unit.  

Another destructive goal of Communism is to destroy the family. The State would like to take away the crucial role of parents. From toddlers to teens, Socialists would deny parents custody and authority over their own children. Fathers are encouraged to leave their children so that mothers can receive more welfare aid. Social “units” are the new plan for the future. Guess who will run them. Families are the time-tested sub-units of society for a reason. No government agency or watchdog will love and care for children as effectively as good parents, because the parents have invested time, money, and affection into their child’s welfare.

Most parents have little idea what their children are being taught in schools. Unless they are diligent,they may be unaware of the details of scurrilous school sex education, teachings in socialism, and also lies about their country. As a current example,The 1619 version of American history is an out-and-out lie from beginning to end, yet it is scheduled to be taught in our schools.

The best climate for freedom is taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own family. We must be careful about accepting “free” things: free health care, free medicine, free food, free college, and soon to be free everything. Is there a magic wand producing the funds for all these wonders? When you accept anything that is “free,” it will eventually enslave you. Certainly “free” will take away the desire and accompanying satisfaction of fulfilling the needs of yourself and your own family.

Commandment #5: Destroy our history, culture  museums, and statues. 

No one can be unaware of the ongoing destruction of our cities and monuments. History repeats itself if we do not protect them. The current onslaught against what is good and inspirational in America cannot continue. It could rightly be said that art died years ago when ugly statues, undecipherable art works, and even nonsense art and music began replacing genuine artistic creations. So-called modern art has become the new standard of “beauty.”

Only passionless art is now acceptable. Statues of our brave past, even the heroes of black history, have been destroyed by Antifa and BLM. The same is true of much modern literature. When will the nonsense stop? Does anyone doubt what these groups represent? Celebrating a nation’s history and arts is a vital part of its culture. It is especially so in America, where we have true heroes as our founders and builders.

Sixth: Destroy patriotism. 

Colin Kaepernick and those of his ilk who disrespect our flag and our country should never be allowed to play another NFL game. The same goes for team owners who condone it. Even if they were offered a free ticket out of the U. S. A, I sincerely doubt that any of these disrespecters would want to leave our country. They know their bread and butter is here, yet they ungratefully refuse to support the hand that feeds them. They simply take America’s largesse for granted. Love and appreciation for our country are at an all-time low.

There is little respect for law and order among socialists. Ingrates smear police simply because they or someone they know once had a less than happy encounter with the law. Without courageous police we cannot have a safe country. The recent riots make that outcome very clear. As in Ghost Story, we need to be reminded that If you are ever in peril, “Who you gonna call?” But if the left gets its way, we won’t have to worry about traffic tickets. We will have to worry about our safety, especially in these troubled times. On our own we could easily be outnumbered by violent mobs. Can anyone seriously doubt that? Some bliind Americans refuse to realize that only the police stand between them and total anarchy. So what do Antifa and BLM want us to do? Why get rid of the police, of course! Without police they can more easily destroy our freedoms and build a socialist state.

Seventh: Destroy the economy. 

Covid 19, was a disaster for the entire world. Unfortunately It was also a great opportunity for the left. Besides the months of death and suffering, our leaders have also endangered our economy, pouring out our wealth to private citizens, many of whom could have better prepared themselves for an emergency. Huge giveaways cannot help our indebted economy. America’s credit rating has just gone down a notch, and the reason is the national debt, which is currently around 17 trillion dollars of which 39% is held by foreign creditors. This  indebtedness is the highest of any country in the world today.

Although not everyone is in a position to do so, we in America need to learn to provide for ourselves in advance of an emergency whenever possible. Instead, we expect the government to rescue us from our lack of preparation. Too Many citizens were caught with their proverbial pants down–and no toilet paper to wipe with. Fortunately, Americans survived The Great Toilet Paper Emergency.

Some citizens probably cannot build a nest egg, but the majority can forego that 3rd television in order to have a few provisions on hand for emergencies. We must prepare now because we do not know when or if another emergency will come. One thing is sure: There are those who would gladly take advantage of America during a time of trouble. A well-known maxim is “The Lord helps those who help themselves–and I don’t mean looting and destroying stores!. Emergencies cannot always be avoided, but personal preparation could be our gift to the American economy.

Eighth: Destroy our Second Amendment rights.

Our Second Amendment is invaluable. Rioters, Socialists, and Communists know that without any means to protect ourselves, we could be easily conquered. Why else has there been so much effort to remove our guns despite the reverence for the Bill of Rights? We must never let the government deprive us of that indispensable right. Government enemies are making a massive attempt to disarm us, and they are now quite confident we will obey. But they will face a more difficult battle than they think. Especially during the rioting, Americans are quickly realizing the only way they can defend themselves and their families is with a gun..

A famous quote opines that “God created man; Samuel Colt made them equal.” That aphorism may prove true.  The Boy Scout motto, “Be Prepared” is still right on target. Pun intended.

Ninth: Control The Media.

Who says the media has to tell the truth? I do. In fact, I insist upon it. I will not absorb the propaganda on the air waves or in liberal newspapers. We have the right to a free and honest press, but today many in the media have become powerful propagandists.  When pundits tell the truth, we need to honor them. But when they lie to us, we must call them out. Unfortunately, many prominent news sources in America have agendas other than honest reporting. It has become difficult to discern facts from propaganda. We cannot bury our heads in the sand; we must search diligently to get the facts. Liberals are purposely hiding the truth and substituting propaganda. Their lies prove the Socialist agenda.

Tenth: Lull us into a sense of false security.

Like a cancer that goes unchecked and unnoticed until it is too late, indeed we can lose our freedom. One day we could wake up and find it gone.

We are like the frog in comfortably warm water who doesn’t have the gumption to move or even notice the water getting hotter–until it is too late. We live our comfortable lives day in and day out, losing one freedom after another as the political water gets hotter and hotter. We try to overlook what is happening in our country.

“That was an exciting movie–even if the language and morals were terrible.”

“Religion isn’t all that important. I’m doing just fine without it.” 

“I don’t like abortion, but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

“I don’t have time or money to support a family.”

“Does it really matter if the United States was founded in 1776 or 1619?” 

“Yes, the government is trillions of dollars in debt, but I can still buy a new set of 

golf clubs, so what’s that to me?”

“It’s ridiculous to think the government will ever be able to take people’s guns.” 

“So what if one person in a football jersey disrespects our country.”

“It’s so hard to learn the truth that I’ve just given up.” 

“There are a few bad things going on in our government, but someone will fix it.”

Meanwhile, the water gets hotter and hotter. We continue to enjoy our lives and our security. Then one day the country goes over the edge and we say, “What happened? I didn’t see this coming,”.

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