The Nation’s Cancer is Not Systemic Racism, But Corrupt and Criminal Governments

The Nation’s Cancer is Not Systemic Racism, But Corrupt and Criminal Governments

By Dennis JamisonJune 11, 2020


The mental pollution of propaganda blaring constantly from the mainstream media is a genuine disservice to humanity. The propagation of the narrative that it is okay to kill and destroy other people’s livelihoods in the name of justice is an unjust and insidious endeavor in and of itself. The MSM is currently nothing more than a source of lies and purposeful pollution of the public sentient. What the MSM and other “radical” mental manipulators are spewing across the airwaves and in some social media realms these days is intended to justify previously orchestrated chaos and violence against common people. There is no justice that can be derived from mob justice, period. And, it moves society backwards to an age when it was an eye for an eye, a life for a life.

Is that really representative of progress—as in the misnomer, “Progressive” Party? Who can digest such trash that passes for an intellectual perception of reality? Real people who actually work hard to earn their livings were truly harmed by bands of thugs and lawless rioters in cities all across the nation. The MSM would have us believe that the ones who were genuinely concerned over the murder of a black man at the hands of the police, were part of, and supportive of the violence unfurled after peaceful protesters went home. The peaceful protesters were sincere; they are just in condemning injustice. They were used as a platform for the mob and mob justice.

Two (or several) wrongs will never make one right. Twice as much wrong definitely strengthens wrong and greater injustice. It is important for American young people to begin to realize this fundamental point. The thugs who burned and destroyed people’s property destroyed peoples livelihood, and thus their lives. The people are now having to deal with horrible deprivations in the terror ravaged cities where Antifa terrorists and Black Lives Matter rioters left their scars upon the humble people of those areas. So, thugs came from outside to targeted areas, sent to specific cities by their employers or overseers, only to flee and leave destruction in their wake. Most of these mercenaries did their “jobs” and went back home.

What of the people left in the smoldering debris of their burnt out neighborhoods? Who cares for them? Now, the Democrat leadership is crying for the defunding of the police. Let that sink in for a moment. The Democrat leadership is calling for the defunding of the police. So, when there are no police to protect the people, then only criminals will rule the streets of the cities, and the people will live in fear.

That is absolutely a crime against the people. The logic of being concerned over a bad cop killing a black man is destroyed when “leaders” eliminate protection from any bad men. The government does no one justice by eliminating protection of the people from criminals who are still lurking in the shadows and waiting for moments to unleash their inner demons.

So, who cares for the people? Do the violent mobs? Do the government officials calling for the dismantling of the police forces care for the common people? Do those Democrat leaders, who want to take the guns out of the hands of the people, care what happens to them? How much more will the people give up before they are reduced to poverty or slavery under the very government that is supposed to provide protection and support? The sheer absurdity escapes low information voters because they keep voting for Democrats who talk well, but do little for all the people.

Yet, common people with common sense should be able to figure out that some bad government employee, who carried the authority of a police officer, was responsible for the death of George Floyd. And, bad government leaders put that guy on the street, And, bad government leaders now want to allow even more harm to be done to more innocent citizens by having people buy into the MSM mantra that all police are bad. It is absurd. It is bad government that is responsible for much of the harm that is done to the common people. The people need to wake up; the people need to rise up themselves, and they need to say enough of bad government, enough of bad leadership. Corrupt and criminal leaders in government need to be dealt with under the guidance from our just laws.

People of good common sense need to realize that the same Party that dominated the black population in the Deep South for over 100 years is the same Party that is in power over the plantations of the cities where people in poor areas of those cities have been held on plantations of “economic slavery” for decades. People of common sense need to realize that the same kinds of injustice occurred for decades under the White Southern Power Structure of the “Democratic” Party in the South. It was the “Democratic” Party that had institutionalized racism in the Deep South through their system of unjust laws and a culture of control over the common people—both black and white. That Party was run by Elitists then, and it is run by Elitists now.

The real fundamental problem in the United States is not “systemic racism,” but serious corruption and criminal activity in the upper levels of U.S. government, and at all levels of government. The “systemic” problem that is eating away at the Soul of America today is bad government, and that is not limited to one political party. But, there is one Party that bears a greater historical brunt of bad or poor governance. The government of the people, by the people, and for the people, has been hijacked for some time by bad government, bad leaders, and bad laws. The solution?

Good people need to stop thinking that problems will correct themselves. That is as absurd as getting rid of police forces. Good people need to rise up, speak up, and speak out. They need to run for local office despite the corruption in both political parties. Good people all over America are doing just that. Some realize that the “Silent Majority” can no longer be silent. Some realize that they need to stop doing nothing. There are activists who are taking charge of their local Republican Party because there is hope it can be redeemed. People are realizing that the only ones who can drain the swamps in their local areas is them: “We the People.

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