The New Voting Rights Act

The New Voting Rights Act

By Don Rosenberg, 11/5/2020

“Voting and participating in the democratic process are key. The vote is the most powerful nonviolent change agent you have in a democratic society. You must use it because it is not guaranteed. You can lose it.” Who wrote this? venerated Democrat John Lewis in a final essay just before his death this year.

The 15th Amendment, ratified in 1870, prohibited states from denying a male citizen the right to vote based on “race, color or previous condition of servitude.” But discriminatory practices continued, especially in the South. Democrats subjected black voters to poll taxes and literacy or civics tests. In 1965, the Voting Rights Act banned literacy tests, federal oversight was provided for voter registration where non-white registration was less than 50% and the U.S. Attorney General was authorized to investigate poll tax use in local and state elections.

Minority rights are once again under a fierce attack from the Democrats; in this case, not a racial minority, but a political one. The laws enacted by the Democrat majority in California to deny members of the minority party the right to vote are their template for the rest of the country.

They take advantage of the poor and the elderly by allowing “ballot harvesting,” which legalizes the practice of political operatives going to voters and offering them the “service” of taking their ballots to the polls. Of course, if the ballot is for a Republican it is discarded or altered.

The primary process in California has been changed so that there is only one primary for both parties, and the top two vote getters move to the general election, even if they’re from the same party. “Motor voter” laws of enrolling everyone who applies for a driver license are not to ensure voter registration, but to increase the pool of names that can be used to manufacture fraudulent votes.

In 2018, these practices caused the number of Republican congressmen to go from 34 to 17, and were instrumental in Nancy Pelosi’s return to the speakership. In five close elections that year where Republicans were in the lead in conservative districts, ballots were “discovered” and every one of them lost.

This week’s national election has brought the issue of voter fraud from the shadows into the light. Stories of election practices in Democrat-controlled states that deny Republicans their rights to monitor the ballot counting process abound. Votes are being “found” in swing states in the hundreds of thousands and are turning Trump victories into losses. Project Veritas released a video that alleges voter fraud in Michigan when a postal service worker claimed he was told by his supervisor to change postmarks on mail-in ballots. Last week they reported on a ballot harvester in Texas pressuring voters to change their ballots.

The consistent underpinning of our Constitution and our rights as citizens is that of “one man one vote.” It is the voters that drive our political process by electing representatives to carry out their political will.

The Democrats’ insistence on removing voting safeguards in almost every piece of legislation they proposed, specifically over the last year, shows their desire to enable voter fraud on a massive scale in their quest for power.

Without accurate voting, our entire political system collapses. Instead of presenting ideas to the public in order to gain their vote, what political candidates say or do means nothing. The contest is simply to present a slightly plausible campaign and when voting time comes, the political party with the best skills at manufacturing fraudulent votes wins.

When a citizen knows their vote doesn’t count, they give up on the entire process and the two parties simply battle it out at the print shops and the mail boxes.

The Democrat goals are clear, if they can, this will be the last “free” election in the United States, and packing the Supreme Court with new judges, packing the Senate with new states, and packing the votes with fraudulent ballots will mean their permanent control. Without a fair vote, our entire political system collapses, which is probably the Democrats’ goal.

No matter who wins this election, there needs to be a clear call for a New Voting Rights Act that will ensure that citizens can vote securely from now on.

The Left has argued against all safeguards for voting not because they want to avoid “disempowering the least privileged among us,” but because they want to cheat. They know they are not the majority in the country and this is their only path to power.

Ensuring “one man, one vote,” which should be politically corrected to “one citizen, one vote,” would involve identification and registration using biometrics from a photo, provisions for relocation or death of the voter, voting online and vote tallying that leave an electronic trail that can be audited and tracked. Penalties for fraud and hacking should be increased, since our right to vote is the underpinning of our entire political system and should be considered a form of treason.

This will not be a difficult task. It involves a few basic steps that any online vendor or credit card company could set up in a few weeks. Imagine any project where someone has to register for a valuable drawing only once. Advancements in biometric identification mean that a simple photograph is all that is needed. When you try to open a new account on Facebook they ask for a picture of yourself. If they see that photo is associated with another account, you are denied. Cards could be renewed every ten years to ensure an accurate photo.

Trusted agencies such as banks or driver license bureaus need to be in place to verify a voter’s identity to make sure they are legally allowed to vote and they can’t register under more than one name.

If President Trump can successfully battle the massive fraud being perpetrated by the Democrats in Tuesday’s election, we may see a collapse of the Democrat party as people finally recognize them for the political elites they are, not the faithful servants of oppressed minorities that they claim to be. Investigations into the treasonous betrayals by Joe Biden and his family will reveal the pattern of corruption throughout our political system in Washington. New procedures and safeguards for voting will end the Democrat practice of “victory through cheating” and ensure Americans’ participation in our democracy.

We can look forward to a revival of the American spirit, where all people, regardless of color, sex, or religion, work together to oppose corruption, repudiate the puppet masters and heal our nation’s wounds.

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