The People of God

The People of God

By Michael J. Lewinski 05/02/19

The bigger the government becomes, the smaller the citizens become. As government on
all levels increasingly makes decisions governing citizens, we all have fewer and
fewer options regarding how we lead our lives.

The power of prayer was on display in the observance of the National Day of Prayer,
which was marked by a ceremony celebrated at the White House. We learned President
Trump starts Cabinet meetings with prayer. We learned pastors will no longer be
censored by big government. The Trump administration has committed to defend and
promote religious liberty. He said Americans have begun speaking of God again in
public without fear of being ridiculed or looked down upon. This is good.

On the day before this celebration honoring God, May Day was celebrated by the atheists,
Progressives and other ungodly groups. Rather than hearing the wisdom of Rabbi Yisroel
Goldstein, they fought with each other and created mayhem in Oregon and other places
around the country. We did not hear the calls for calm; what we got was chaos. The
left is only a force for chaos.

We have witnessed over the past two or three years the mayhem the ungodly forces
have unleashed on our country. Personal attacks on citizens, rioting in the streets,
attacks on police and authorities are all part of the left’s assault on decency.

Christians and other people of God are about loving and respecting others. People of
God desire to help others, not hinder them. People of God want the peace of a moment
of silence in and out of school to thank God for our blessings, unlike those who want no

Christians and other people of God are not going to get the peace we want until we shut
down the ungodly who try to deny us that peace. I am not talking about those who do not
believe or are not interested in religious beliefs. I am talking about those who are hostile to
God and want religious people silenced.

Michael Lewinski holds a masters degree in special education. He taught special education classes at
the junior and senior high school levels in Ohio and Indiana until his retirement in 2010.

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