The Politics of Distraction

The Politics of Distraction

by Don Rosenberg, 12/11/2020

It’s clear at this point that the aim of the Democrats is to “fake it ‘til they make it.” They, and their media cronies, along with the Tech Giants, are feverishly trying to push the narrative that Biden, perched comfortably in his “Office of the President-Elect,” is already the president. Every cabinet pick is breathlessly announced as a genius selection, and their bios are served up in the most positive light.

Any reference to the fact that 18 states and 106 congressmen have joined the Texas Supreme Court lawsuit against the four worst swing state cheaters is either ignored, or subject to “news reports” and constitutional pundits detailing how hopeless it is. YouTube has now promised to delete any videos that try to discuss the issue, and are crowing that they can delete them before they’ve even reached 100 views.

This reminds me of the criminal who wants to break into a car dealership protected by guard dogs. He brings a stack of big, juicy steaks and hurls them over the fence.

The media are supposed to be our guard dogs, protecting our Republic, but they have been distracted by everything that isn’t the story of the century – the biggest election fraud and corruption scandal at the highest levels.

Just look at what’s on the big juicy steak menu this week.

The “Hunter Biden scandal,” which was suppressed by the fake news and Big Tech prior to the “election,” is now front and center on what used to be known as “conservative media.” This shows that getting Biden firmly seated as President is more important than Biden actually holding the office for more than a few weeks. They’re willing to throw “Good Old Joe” under the bus because they know Kamala is just as malleable.

“Politician Hypocrisy” is a favorite topic, where the media pretend they’re on our side exposing Democrat leaders eating at fine restaurants while the rest of us are locked in our homes eating TV dinners. The tragic stories about entrepreneurs losing their small businesses also abound and much attention now is being paid to the school closures and why they don’t make any sense. These are all important stories, but don’t compare in any way to the theft of a country.

The media is breathlessly reporting that vaccines are now on the way, despite concerns that they may be harmful and testing has been rushed. It’s now clear that all of the media suppression of hydroxychloroquine was for one purpose. If there is a viable therapeutic treatment for COVID then the “Emergency Use Authorization” for the vaccines can’t be used. We are hearing that HCQ and other simple treatments for COVID are still being suppressed, both in the media and prescriptions are halted at the pharmacy level. So it seems that a vaccine mandate, either official, or due to restrictions on people who don’t take it, is a top priority of whomever is pulling the strings.

Even China is on the menu as raw meat of distraction. The “Swalwell Affair” with “Fang Fang,” (who Rush Limbaugh calls “Bang Bang”), is a top story, and it’s extra-tasty because it allows the media to show pictures of a congressman with a cute girl. Of course China knows that nothing will stop their control of American corporations and all levels of our government, so it’s worth it to them to have a few spies exposed, despite some embarrassment.

Tucker Carlson, who used to be the darling of the Right, has pretty much disgraced himself by using his sarcastic delivery and patented “puzzled face” to cover everything but the most important story in the last 100 years. If he hadn’t been mysteriously muzzled, every minute of his show should have been detailing the fifteen different ways the fraud has been perpetrated. Loyal viewers are scrambling for alternatives.

Thank goodness that Hannity and Ingraham are still on the case, but the true attack dog is crusty Lou Dobbs, who just completed the interview of the month with Sidney Powell, where she details the Venezuela connection to the Dominion cheating. Right with him is Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business. Set your DVRs.

So figure out how you can get News Max and OAN (One America News), and go online to, along with a host of other honest purveyors of online conservative truth. And while you’re at it, go to Parler to replace your account at Twitter, go to or USA.Life for Facebook, and use to host your videos before YouTube deletes them.

Share what you learn with your trusted friends, and don’t be distracted from the truth.



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