The Quiet War

The Quiet War

By Don Rosenberg – 12/13/2020

We are currently in a state of war and most Americans are completely unaware. They know times are troubled, but are totally focused on COVID, politics, or both. They worry whether they will lose their jobs or their businesses, if their kids will lose another year of school, how long the lockdowns will last, or if their loved ones in nursing care can survive another month in total isolation from their families.

These are truly difficult times.

This new war is unlike any other in our history. There was no Pearl Harbor attack to wake up “the sleeping giant.” Most of us are still asleep. There was no nuclear bomb dropped on a major US city, although in this quiet war we have already lost more citizens than were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Our Director of National Intelligence points out that this war has been going on for much longer than the COVID crisis, started prior to Trump’s presidency, and is being fought at multiple levels. It started with a peace agreement and an invitation to join the rest of the world when Nixon went to China in 1972. China was facing starvation, over-population and economic collapse. Nixon feared the disruption to the world from a complete failure.

So he opened up business relations and gave special concessions to help China climb out of poverty. What that morphed into has become the greatest threat to America and freedom throughout the world.

Since 2013, Xi Jinping has ruled the entire country as its political, military and cultural leader. He has embarked on a path leading to total world domination, not only through military power, but through subversion, bribery, blackmail, espionage and theft.

His thinking is that if you can hollow out your enemy and take control of its political leadership, why use traditional warfare?

He has done this ruthlessly across the world with many countries including Italy, Canada, and Venezuela, quietly replacing pro-American leadership with his own puppets. He has used the incentive of opening up his population to world corporations to demand concessions and cooperation while buying controlling interests in lesser companies. And he has used espionage, bribery and blackmail to take over the very news media that control public opinion.

His war doesn’t use armies, airplanes or bombs. There has been no Pearl Harbor attack or “shock and awe” bombardment of a major city, but every other aspect of warfare including economic, psychological, cyber and biological.

China’s economic warfare includes the use of slave labor, currency manipulation and tariffs. They have forced all foreign corporations wanting to do business with them to release all of their trade secrets, which are then copied and developed by Chinese companies independently.

They have used psychological warfare to control world media outlets and coordinate propaganda messages that push China’s point of view and hide their true actions. They use their economic control over Big Tech companies to suppress any resistance and dispense disinformation on a massive scale.

China has the used the most advanced cyber warfare capabilities in the world to track, surveil and manipulate their own people to keep them in line and to suppress and dominate minorities like the Muslim Uighurs. They hack government, business and personal systems to steal secrets, disrupt business opponents, spy on adversaries, and conduct blackmail.

And of course, China has unleashed the most despicable type of biological warfare, the coronavirus, which has been called the “Wuhan Virus,” the “China Virus,” and now the “CCP virus.” If they had introduced two thousand pounds of sarin gas into subway stations across the world, it would have been instantly seen as an act of war. But because of puppet media obfuscations of the origins of the virus, it wasn’t recognized as intentional, despite the obvious evidence that China halted all travel within their country but encouraged flights to Italy, Iran, the rest of Europe, and the United States.

You can identify media and politicians under Chinese control by their public statements over time and their press for elections rules changes “due to the virus.” Just recall Pelosi’s invitation to party in Chinatown in early March, and Biden’s opposition to Trump’s travel ban.

But the most effective means of warfare has turned out to be election warfare. If you can manipulate election results in other countries, you can take over a government without a single shot being fired. They will turn over their secrets and technologies voluntarily with no spying needed.

The US has been covertly using election warfare for years, trying to control or destabilize adversary regimes, and that is partly why the Deep State is resisting all attempts to expose China’s role in the US elections. In trying to overturn our government, China has embarked on a daring mission to eliminate their most capable opponent, President Trump, and seize control of the United States.

You can tell the priorities of the puppet masters not only by the stories they promulgate, but by the ones they suppress. YouTube has openly announced that they will delete any video that says anything about 2020 voter fraud or its origins. Facebook, Twitter and Google have been doing this as well, but they have tried to stay in the shadows.

As Sidney Powell has told us about the Venezuelan origins of Dominion Voting Systems, she has also pointed out the $400 million Chinese investment in the company a few weeks prior to the election.

You may be incensed about the corrupt Democrat big city bosses’ participation in the “Great Election Heist of 2020,” but it was the Chinese who turned a loss into a possible victory when the “regular cheating” wasn’t enough to stem the Trump landslide. Only time will tell if the crime will be thwarted.

Make no mistake, China in not in a position of power. Trump’s opposition has turned their fake economy into a house of cards and their population is resentful and distrusting of their leadership. Just like a desperate poker player with a bad hand, this is their last gamble to stay in control. They must go “all in” and hope their bluff will convince the other side to fold and install Hunter Biden’s “Big Dog” father as president.

Don’t bet on it. Donald Trump is the only person who can resist blackmail, bribery and intimidation. He grew up dealing with corrupt politicians in New York, New Jersey and Nevada. He knows thugs and their bluster when he sees it.

Our battle now is one for public opinion. Patriots need to spread the word and put political pressure on our state legislatures to decertify the fraudulent results and save our republic.


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