The Right Major Crisis Is Here

The Right Major Crisis Is Here

By Ray DiLorenzo —–November 13, 2021

When a group of nefarious people (a globalist cabal) develop big plans and need the right major crisis to begin implementation, they create one. And create they did. But, no one wants to talk about it in the mainstream media or government. They would rather laugh and dismiss it as conspiracy. Why? Because they are all part of it. They want you to believe everything is normal with only a few temporary setbacks on the way to ‘building back better’, while they secretly remove the foundations upon which our country rests.

Americans are now feeling apprehensive. They can feel something vile is in the air, but still can’t put their collective fingers on it. The mood is one of anxiety and distress. The labor force, despite lies from D.C., is down significantly. People have been forced to leave their jobs or succumb to taking vaccines deadlier than the disease itself. All because of a virus marginally more dangerous than the flu. By the way, what happened to the flu?

This so-called ‘pandemic’, that kills a small fraction of its victims, is getting a reaction from government way out of proportion to its risks

There are still those who will drive onto a bridge even while it is collapsing into a river. They cannot process quickly enough the relationship of what they see to their immediate future. Even if some can process it, they refuse to believe it and plunge into the river. More and more people are, never-the-less, beginning to realize that this economy and political direction is not the normal ebb and flow. We have a one-party rule controlling the Executive Branch, Congress, even apparently the Supreme Court, probably through blackmail. They’re censoring speech, ignoring law and what is left of the courts, dividing citizens, controlling the media narrative.

This so-called ‘pandemic’, that kills a small fraction of its victims, is getting a reaction from government way out of proportion to its risks…the mask and vaccine mandates, the injecting of mass populations and 5-year old children who are not in any danger. There is a news blackout of the tens of thousands of vaccine deaths, lost pregnancies, injuries, the inflated COVID deaths. How many more people will die in the coming months and years due to the overreach of this administration? Why are these vaccines so important to this government? Are they that concerned with our health?

The inflation and coming economic collapse, the constant dictates, shows an illegitimate government out of control, with a plan, making up for lost time these last five years.

Former presidents and politicians from both parties were and still are working with these groups to change the world economic system. As Bush, Sr. frequently called it, a New World Order. They are godless and evil in their intent, willing to sell out their own country for riches, power, and a seat at the table. How else would they be able to take away everyone’s freedom, privacy, property, dictate where you live, and how many children you will have?

The New World Order is a way for the elite billionaires, and the powerful, to fully develop this new Fourth Industrial Revolution…become gods

During Trump’s presidency, the nation was awakened from its coma and transformed into the country many of us previously recognized…strong, proud, independent. It became obvious that America, for decades, was being held back. That is why Trump seemed to reverse our course so quickly and so dramatically. Trump released the brakes, let our country go unburdened. He brought back manufacturing and energy independence. But, as Trump frequently said, he was in the way of this cabal getting to the American people. Hence COVID-19 was introduced, used to push Trump out of the picture, and put Americans under a system of dictatorial power and control never before seen in our history.

Hiding in the background of this global push is a new revolution now taking place, a revolution so far-reaching as to rethink all of society on this planet…a Fourth Industrial Revolution. Civilization has undergone three previous revolutions. The First Industrial Revolution was harnessing steam power. The Second Industrial Revolution was producing electricity, mass production, nuclear power. The Third was in the development of the digital age. We now find ourselves in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution. A revolution that makes all the others seem elementary. It is evil, anti-God in its concept and formulation. It will be government by technocracy…no democracy, no capitalism…a system of dictates, total control. It will be a world run by technicians, scientists, intellectual elites, a government run by legions of Dr. Faucis and bankers, overseen by a bunch of Zuckerberg and Bill Gates type atheistic dictators, complete with computer bugs.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution will involve designing and engineering the world around us, not merely using or harnessing the atoms and molecules they’re made of, but hacking their digital code. If you think of our world as having molecules and atoms as being arranged in a code, science today is on its way to hacking the digital code…changing our reality or creating, as my physics professor would say, stuff… stuff that does not exist in nature. They’re talking robotics, growing people in laboratories, downloading our brains onto computers, even redefining what it means to be human. We are already seeing gene editing, hacking biology by reprogramming DNA…new ‘vaccines’. We’re also seeing the creation of synthetic food, new materials that can be used in clothing, spacecraft, computers. But, the real revolution will be found in Cyberspace, as some call it, the secret sauce…the dipping in and out of a fifth dimension at will.

The New World Order is a way for the elite billionaires, and the powerful, to fully develop this new Fourth Industrial Revolution…become gods. They say it will be a great future, but most of the world’s population will not be invited. Climate change and COVID-19 are excuses, the catalyst for this transition. They’ve come to the conclusion that the world’s population is much too large, that the planet will only need a fraction of the labor and human reproduction in the future. In any case, to them too many people are ‘useless eaters’, as they put it. So, a New World Order must be developed with a way to rid the earth of the excess population. Can it be we are in the genesis of a planned depopulation?


Once again, America holds the future of the free world in its hands, depending on what it chooses to do about this threat

Many scientists, physicians, religious leaders (except the Pope who is all in), and advocates like Robert Kennedy, Jr. are breaking their silence. They see this new world as being evil, with no attachments to religion, culture, nationality, morality, or basic human rights. They see a very dangerous future where right and wrong are blurred even more than they are now. Who is to say what is right and wrong if we terminate God and develop our own concept of morality according to our individual values and desires? After all, the human condition has not changed since the dawn of man. The right major crisis is indeed here. It is being used to accomplish what was impossible just a few years ago. Once again, America holds the future of the free world in its hands, depending on what it chooses to do about this threat.

So, this group of greedy, power-hungry, psychotic elites want to change the world, put the remaining population into a modern feudal system, in their image, with almost unlimited technocratic power and without God. What could possibly go wrong?

The Late David Rockefeller—1915 – 2017—Quotes

From David Rockefeller’s book, ‘Memoirs’, published October 28, 2003, page 405:

“We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years….It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination [self-determination] practiced in past centuries.” ― David Rockefeller

“Some even believe we [Rockefeller family] are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – One World, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.” ― David Rockefeller

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