The Right To Life

The Right To Life

By Michael J. Lewinski – 07/13/2020

During the Pandemic abortion providers were allowed to remain open and kill unborn children. This happened at a time when we were not permitted to attend church and worship God.

If Sleepy Joe Biden and his Democratic Socialist/Communists Party gains power after the 2020 election, taxpayer-funded abortions will become as common as flies on a hot summer afternoon. The effort to murder black and white babies will go unabated. Margret Sanger was a racist who waged a genocidal war against “Negros.”

Sleepy Joe Biden and his gang of Democratic Socialist/Communists have anything but Christian values. The Marxist Black Lives Matter crowd and Antifa anarchists strongly support the right to have an abortion.

Why would Sleepy Joe and his cronies support abortion of babies in the intercity? It is because they don’t want to pay for new welfare recipients. This would leave more money for them to skim off the top from our tax dollars. It will also allow them to redistribute more money to their captives in the ghetto.

What motivates these Marxists is their hatred of God and all of His creation. They are the willing pawns of the Devil. Whenever Marxist take control of a society, they do whatever is in their power to do to shut down churches, just as the democrats did during the pandemic.

In China, the churches that are allowed to operate is state-controlled churches. In China, the underground churches are persecuted and their members are arrested and sent to reeducation camps. Anyone caught with a bible is arrested and imprisoned. This may be happening soon in California!

If you don’t want to see abortions on steroids, you must register and vote in the general election. There are many candidates to vote for who are good Christian, Conservative, Republicans.

President Trump who is one, heads the ticket with Mark Leyva, Greg Pence, Victoria Spartz, congressional representatives Jim Banks and Trey Hollingsworth, and Jim Baird, Jackie Walorski, Victoria Spartz, and Larry Bucshon are strong supporters, In Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, and Rand Paul are good choices. Please ask God to guide you in your decisions up to, and on the 2020 ballot.

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