The Shadow Conspirators’ Arrogance May Precede Their Destruction

The Shadow Conspirators’ Arrogance May Precede Their Destruction

By Dennis JamisonFebruary 11, 2021

The recent Time Magazine article written by Molly Ball, a literal walking-talking personification of a conglomeration of Leftist mainstream media outlets, proclaimed that the 2020 presidential election was “protected” by a secret alliance of Left-wing and Marxist-oriented politicos as well as conservatives (read: Never Trumpers) seemingly aided with big bucks. The article, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” which is almost a mini-novel  in length, crows glowingly how democracy has been “saved” from an election that was nearly stolen by President Donald Trump.

I truly recommend reading Ball’s narrative, though the self-congratulatory tone is a bit annoying, it is educational on several levels. The lengthy article (6,800+ words) says much about Ball, who just published a book on Nancy Pelosi, which says even more about the writer, but this article is likely a good start on her next book. Yet, once people read this chronicle, it is doubtful there will be much of an appetite for more ideological brainwashing. Especially, the Time piece should be read by people who love the United States to get an idea of just how twisted and inverted such people’s conception of justice in this nation has become. The truly frightening thing is that Ball and her various Leftist media employers may actually believe in the “cause” she claims to be fighting for. The Communists would likely call Ball a “useful idiot.”

Yet, Ball may have revealed too much in her pride-filled proclamation of victory. It is an actual confession of sorts of how people who hated Trump worked in the shadows to eliminate election integrity in the name of “protecting” or “fortifying” the election. The article is essentially a timeline or roadmap of how people driven by hate convinced themselves that they were truly in the right because they have identified what they have deemed evil for all of the rest of us. The divulging of such arrogance and elitist superiority in the guise of working for the people of this nation does  seem to be screaming for fanfare from the masses for a “service they have done for America.”

An important lesson to be learned for those Christians, conservatives, and patriots who read through this article, is that the definition of the foundation of the United States of America is totally different for people like Ball and all of the Leftist media moguls she has written for in her life. This is an essential point because the belief system of the MSM moguls may appear to be connected to the majority of the Democrat-Leftist-Marxist-Progressive intellectuals and activists. But, Time and other Leftist aligned MSM outlets are simply the vehicles for the propaganda and they are paid well for their services. They also are paid well for all the campaign ads that all the candidates buy. The media moguls are more likely fueled by big corporate profits and happy with the assets they seem to continually accumulate over time.

Yet, such elitists definitely have opinions to portray, and such opinions may be why they hire the people like Ball to write the stuff she writes. But, if people didn’t buy what they are peddling, the question would be whether the propaganda would die out. That is doubtful because the Left has done well at misinforming Americans for decades. The media has helped. Their own harvest is at hand in this time. It is obvious from Ball’s myopic perspective that the Leftist media moguls would praise her narrative because it perpetuates the political propaganda of the evil “American Empire” that has to be brought to its knees and humbled before the world. This is the popular narrative appealing to the lower information voters and politically ignorant masses.

Such elitists, however, always seem to have the desire to have a hand in the outcome.  The vast majority of journalists are Democrats or Lefitists or Marxists. One simply has to ask who hires them to know how the propaganda is perpetuated in such a manner. Great media monopolies, whether the MSM, or the current social media behemoths exist with the intent to influence and persuade, “one way or another.” And it doesn’t hurt that the media moguls get rich annually from the cycle of insanity that Americans refresh annually as the all important election campaigns. It is also possible that some of the media moguls are simply clever wealthy elitists. They rejoice in making their money off of any of the candidates, no matter who wins or loses, much like the way Alfred Nobel became wealthy from selling dynamite to warring nations.

Although it is extremely difficult to wade through the journalistic gymnastics that Ball uses to praise traitorous individuals, who got people to violate their own state’s constitution and the United States’ Constitution, and disenfranchise over 70 – 80 million voters in the 2020 national election, it provides a roadmap. One line in Ball’s mini-book reveals more than much of the rest of her attempt to paint a foggy picture of big business interests and Leftists working together: “Though much of this activity took place on the left, it was separate from the Biden campaign and crossed ideological lines, with crucial contributions by nonpartisan and conservative actors.”

There are several points to be drawn from this single line, but two of them stand out: 1) What Biden campaign? It is not hard to be separate from the Biden campaign when there was none. In fact this effort,  plus the electronic manipulation of vote tallies was probably the “real Biden campaign.”

Another point to be noted is that 2) the effort initiated from the Left. “Though much of this activity took place on the left…” reveals that the origin point was from the Left, in fact originating from the “architect,” credited as being the primary organizer, Mike Podhorzer, who was amazed at how Trump was drawing blue collar working class families to his cause. This is understandable since Podhorzer is the senior adviser to the president of the AFL-CIO, which has Socialist ties dating back to the early 1900s. It is now the largest union federation in the U.S. How long have they been tampering with elections?

Additionally, the article gives credit to the recruitment work of Norm Eisen, a “prominent lawyer and former Obama Administration official who recruited Republicans and Democrats to the board of the Voter Protection Program.” The Newspeak translation would be that the Left took responsibility for the recruitment of useful “low-hanging” fruit among “conservatives,” who could probably be identified as the Never Trumpers. Eisen is the Obama link. However, Ball’s article reveals other ties to the former president, Barack Obama. Such linkage may be the subject of a future article to dissect what is between the lines of Ball’s Newspeak in her propaganda.

Ball’s article is pure propaganda—intended to persuade readers that it was reasonable for the Marxist sympathizers and Communists to complete the coup that the Progressive lawmakers could not finish. They made everyone believe that Trump was the target. The real target, which may have been safely secured by the shadow government, was the United States of America. Trump has said that all along—that we were the real targets.

Yet, it has been said “pride goeth before destruction.” In such a time as this, all those who love freedom need to know that those who still hold onto faith in God and the self-evident truths, it is not too late. But, it is quite late. However, our Founders were in a worse situation. And, if those who love the true America are to rebuild “One Nation Under God,” in my humble opinion, it will require a new covenant, humility regarding His Providence, honest communication,  genuine cooperation with one another, and tremendous courage to secure once again the “Blessings of Liberty.”

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