The Standard of Measurement To Assess Leaders’ Words Should be the Bill of Rights

The Standard of Measurement To Assess Leaders’ Words Should be the Bill of Rights

By Dennis JamisonJune 10, 2021

Since the political campaign and subsequent presidency of Donald Trump, the rank and file have been awakened because they have seen much of what had been lurking in the shadows exposed by the light of day. While the extreme radical Left is fighting the old guard of the “Progressives” for genuine control of the “Democratic” Party, it seems as if the factions are attempting to outperform one another in various versions of autocratic Escalation – to the point of innocent people dying in one way (such as patients in NY and California condemned to die in elder care facilities during COVID) or another (such as efforts to increase the numbers of abortions throughout the world).

On the other hand, the “old guard” GOP leadership is more concerned with their public image and appearance as portrayed by the media than cutting edge accomplishments, or protecting American citizens who actually pay taxes and obey the laws. One serious question needs to be posed here: Who pays attention to the so-called news media that the GOP leadership panders to? The GOP is no longer the Party of Lincoln, no matter the false name applied to one of those Never Trumper organizations. The defenders   of the status quo, or the “establishment GOP,” have not shown that they have been capable of creating solutions to problems facing the nation. It is truly sad, and it is true that the GOP leadership is in such a sad state of disarray and a far cry from the glory of the Republicans of the people.

Yet, the bright light in the Party, former President Trump, and the very supporters he had rallied to his campaign and to his no-nonsense presidency, led the way in solving truly serious problems. Despite his detractors, and no matter how politically incorrect he had appeared, he solved problems because that was in his nature. One can only wonder how much he could have accomplished if he had not been stymied in so many ways by his own party as well as the domestic enemy.

Trump’s enemies were the enemies of “We the People,” the enemies of the nation that has led the fight for freedom throughout most of its history. Americans are still rallying around Donald Trump because they see him as a man of the people. The ”Deplorables” awakened and rose up to realize there was someone who still believed in what they believed in, what the Founders believed in when they created these United States of America. The Deplorables are “We the People,” and “We the People” are the sovereigns of the nation that had been forgotten by the GOP leaders, and totally despised by the “Autocratic,” “Aristocratic” Party of “Progressives,” which are not much more than Communists and Socialists in sheep’s clothing.

Even more ironic, however, is that the people themselves had forgotten that they are the true sovereigns of the Republic. So, we have witnessed the political assasination of a sitting president, by both Democrats and the “Never Trumpers” in the GOP leadership, along with the “woke corporate globalists” who we now know helped in the superbly cross-pollinated and cooperatively planned election steal in November. The focus was upon eliminating Donald J. Trump as POTUS. The crowing about the steal by many on the Left implicated some in the Never Trumper realm. For those Never Trumpers to expect that the Left would protect them is to expect some form of decrepit integrity among thieves. Useful idiots serve the purpose of being used idiots and when they served their purpose, they were disposable.

Especially, in such a time, during the nation’s current existential crisis, where is true leadership? Post 11/3/21 leadership is not about seeking political leaders for the next election. When elections can so easily be stolen and so plausibly denied, can “We the People” trust there will be fair and honest national elections in the future? No! Right now the Democrats are attempting to nationalize the elections, which is a political coup in process with their efforts to pass HR1/S1. The citizens need to realize that leadership post 11/3/21 demands a love for the nation and genuine concern for the preservation of America as it was created. Leadership is required to resist and defeat all the domestic and foreign enemies seeking to undermine and destroy our Free Republic.

The nation does face an existential threat. Yet, the preservation of America does not require leaders who have overly massive egos who only care about personal or political gain for the immediate moment. For the nation to survive this existential threat, citizens who love the nation must pick up the mantle of leadership in whatever capacity or capability they have to accept such responsibility. Those who seek leadership positions (no matter what level), need to be carefully assessed based upon the standards of measurement bequeathed to us from our Founding Fathers. They proclaimed that they held onto the self-evident truths that our rights originated from God—not government. They believed those rights to include the right to Life (not to be murdered), the right to Liberty (not to be constrained like second-class or non-citizens), and the right to pursue Happiness (to them meaning the pursuit of personal and civic virtue—not raw or hedonistic pleasure).

Do our leaders publicly hold onto those self-evident truths? Do their words match their deeds? Or, are their words hollow or divisive? “We the People” are the sovereigns who assess or measure them; public officials are public servants and the employees of “We the People.” There are far too many criminals that have fooled citizens into believing they were trustworthy, though they were not—this exists on every level of government. “We the People” have allowed it. It can no longer be tolerated! The Constitution, the Law of the Land, have been violated time and again by those who have lied, cheated, and stolen from citizens in countless ways. It can no longer be tolerated!

The standards of measurement bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers not only include the ideals in the Declaration of Independence, but the laws of the Constitution – specifically the Bill of Rights. Is it so hard to measure people’s words against their deeds? They either do sincerely support the freedoms guaranteed to “We the People” in the Bill of Rights, or their actions betray their true motives in their disrespect of the Law of the Land. This is an absolutely critical standard in assessing our employees. For such a time as this, leadership is required, but the standard of measurement of their accomplishments or success always should be found in the bedrock of the Law of the Land enshrining our God-given rights. It is our turn to “hold these truths to be self-evident” and to hold public servants accountable to our legal rights in the Bill of Rights!  Our hold must be secure to keep the Republic!

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