The Tea Party is Alive and Well

The Tea Party is Alive and Well

By Michael J. Lewinski  04/16/19

At ‘Stop Socialism, Choose Freedom’ Tax Day rallies in Indiana and around the nation, they had signs which declared ‘Progressives are the enemies of America,’ ‘Stand Against Socialism,’ and ‘Socialism =Tyranny.’

The rallies marked the 10-year anniversary of the founding of the Tea Party. I have been attending Tea Party events since 2009.  I helped found five Tea Party groups in Indiana and Michigan.

The Tea Party was formed to protect personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future by promoting small government, personal responsibility and the rule of law under the U.S. Constitution. Their goal today is the same as it was when we first formed. Today, however, it is even more imperative to advance these goals since the Democrats have transformed into “Democratic” Socialists.

Like every other enemy of Progressives, the Tea Party has been smeared as racist. This is based upon a lie that Tea Party members spit on black Democrats. How do  I know this is true? It is because I was on the porch where the Tea Party members were gathered as the Democrats were traversing the stairs when that event was supposed to have happened. We were loud, but nobody was spitting. That’s a   tactic employed by Progressives and their allies.

It is imperative that we turn back their efforts to enslave Americans. A recent article by a non-partisan group revealed that their plans to transform America would result in an average tax increase of $20, 000 for every taxpayer. Can you afford this kind of damage to your personal budget?

That is what you can expect if the “Democratic” Socialists pass the Green New Deal, Medicare for all, free college education, free childcare for all and expanded family leave. You know what you can do about that, don’t you?

You can support Conservative candidates like Senators Mike Braun, Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, and Representatives like Jim Jordan and Jim Banks who will support President Trump’s agenda to reform and reinvigorate free market Capitalism. We need to do this “all together throughout the United States if we are going to get rid of this plague which threatens our freedom and happiness for our families. It’s up to you!


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