The time has arrived: End the National Emergency

The time has arrived: End the National Emergency

By August 14, 2020

With the executive orders signed by President Trump August 8, 2020, he put into action what Congress was unable to accomplish due to intransigence of House democrats, most still hiding out in their personal, protected compounds.

Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have done their damnedest to limit and prevent America’s healing process, refusing to assist entrepreneurs and employees unless incompetent mayors are bailed-out from their self-inflicted jams.

Backing-up, it’s pertinent to examine the purpose of the national emergency proclamation made March 13. The president took the step in order to reduce the suffering caused by forced business, school and government office closures related to a perceived onslaught of a virus evidently introduced by the Chinese. It was made to free up funds to get citizens over the hump until the nation could return to “business as usual,” but it’s been used by congressional democrats to inflict as much chaos as possible.

How? By slowing to a trickle assistance to actual Covid-affected victims while increasing unwarranted funding to major corporations and so-called essential services such as Planned Parenthood (which was required to return funding and has not done so). Holding up finances to the “little guy” (of whom VP pick Kamala Harris is reported to be a champion), democrats have insisted on allocating billions to bankrupt lawless cities, indirectly sponsoring the ongoing riots by creating an excuse for spineless mayors to hold onto office.

President Trump appears to have decided that enough is enough and, utilizing the powers of the executive branch under the authority of the national emergency, bypassed the obstructive democrats and took care of those who are hurting. The president used proper legislation to supply ventilators, fast-track vaccine development, etc., leaving the foot-dragging dems behind. Opposition response has been the same as always, claim the president overstepped his authority (which he didn’t) and assert they’re the ones with real solutions though they refuse to offer them.

It comes down to this: there’s no need for further relief bills if there’s no longer an emergency.

The president has implemented the last necessary aid to the public in the waning pandemic. Having done so and making note of the steady decline of cases and deaths related to the China virus, despite the inept CDC attempt to manipulate the numbers of both categories, President Trump is now free to do what he’d intended as far back as June—end the national emergency.

Why the president would and should do so is now supported on multiple fronts. With the last executive orders in place, immediate financial aid is in the works to languishing employees and strapped businesses. That being addressed, if the national emergency is lifted then states are no longer being supplied handouts for closures, most of which have been handled poorly by state officials. Businesses can re-open their doors and resume commercial activity, as it would not behoove local governments to impose lockdowns and restrictive measures for which they will no longer be allocated federal cash.

For those who haven’t been paying attention, the whole of the pandemic has been mainly about distribution of “Covid Cash” since mortality rates never did reach numbers in the United States that could justify classification as catastrophic. States that a few weeks ago were called hotspots—Arizona, CaliforniaTexas—are now demonstrating notable decline in positive cases, hospitalizations and mortality.

As the president noted in his address August 11, 87% of counties nationwide are reporting a steady drop in case numbers and deaths. At issue is also the continued high rate of recovery hovering around 98% of those who contract the disease. The coronavirus never was the killer media painted it to be. Even ending the national emergency, that action would not impede President Trump from continuing international flight bans, which he instituted weeks before designating a national emergency.

The second reason democrats have opposed doing away with the national emergency has been their need to increase economic and political pandemonium, thinking to position themselves for taking control of D.C. in this election year.

By instilling fear in as many Americans as possible via the corrupt press and bent scientists promoting use of ineffective health measures like mask-wearing and school closures, democrats have promoted a dread of visiting the polls in person. Ending the Covid National Emergency will end any necessity for mail-in voting other than absentee, undercutting the democrat ruse to confuse the election by flooding precincts with unverifiable ballots. A mail-in vote becomes needless and moot.

Ending the emergency also defines the real hazard confronting our nation… the anarchist takeover of major metropolitan centers. It is all a part of the planned anti-law enforcement chaos encouraged by the DNC and heavily funded by Soros Foundation-sponsored organizations. Beginning on Inauguration Day, the effort to destabilize our largest cities has gone unabated and was forced into overdrive with the George Floyd incident, Black Lives Matter and Antifa commandeering the initially nonviolent protests.

By ending the distraction of a pandemic, municipal, county, state and federal law enforcement can focus on quelling the violence, charging the perpetrators, their financiers and do-nothing government officials as accessories, bringing them to justice. The other side of the chaos can also come under better scrutiny—that of illegal, democrat-led presidential coup attempts that have not abated in four years.

Let the democrats squeal that President Trump is endangering the nation, because they’ve already been proven wrong with the economy rebounding, Covid case numbers falling and vaccine efforts being fulfilled faster than expected.

Democrats have been carrying out their malicious scheme, preventing help to the working and middle class by refusing to treat with the president about what matters most—opening the country to business, worship, school and travel—instead promoting turmoil on every front. They realize chaos and division is their only road to victory. The left has never relied on orderly calm, gathering in faith or simple reason to share their stunted vision. Their preferred road to power is traveled by emotional distress, economic pain, fear and violence.

To counter the divisive efforts of the heartless democrats, President Trump should declare the national emergency over and done. Why? Because the vast majority of Americans are ready and eager to get back to business. When? If not immediately, then Labor Day, of course.

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