The Uncivil War

The Uncivil War

by Bill Shuey – August 17, 2019

A little over 150 years ago, America settled a dispute between people who favored and opposed states’ rights. When the smoke cleared from the last battle, 620,000 men were dead. The United States is experiencing the same hatred, vitriolic language, and insanity that lead up to the Civil War.

Journalism was a little-known vocation prior to the Civil War. Once the war began, reporting became competitive. Yet reporters shared the values that would become the standard in journalism, such as a devotion to facts, eyewitness descriptions, speed, and accuracy of reporting. The journalists also resisted military and government censorship. Placing the foregoing into perspective, our current crop of actual journalists could hold a convention in a telephone booth.

Politics has always been a no-holds-barred type verbal combat. Suddenly, or perhaps insidiously over the past few years, truth has taken a vacation and packed all hint of civility and human decency in the luggage.

Beto O’Rourke is an unemployed politician who struggles with mental issues in his personal life, yet some people listen to him. Some people would listen to a person who claimed to be from Mars! O’Rourke claims that Trump is a “white supremacist.” He offers no evidence, no facts beyond his subjective interpretation of Trump’s comments or non-comments.

Mayor Buttigieg, who won the 2018 Alfred E. Neuman lookalike award, called Trump a racist. Senator Booker, the Yale educated son of wealthy black parents, said, “Bigotry was written into our founding documents” and “white supremacy had always been a problem in our American story.” He seems to have escaped the ravages of bigotry and white supremacy in his privileged existence!

Uncle Joe Biden said, “In both clear language and in code, this president has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation.” He also said we shouldn’t confuse truth with facts. Huh!

Booker, Buttigieg, O’Rourke, Warren, and Sanders all claim that Trump is an accomplice in the killings in Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas. The media never bothered mentioning that the killer in Ohio was a Warren and Sanders supporter. A couple of these wonderful people have used the killings as a fundraiser for their campaigns.

NBC News contributor Frank Figliuzzi claims that Trump only ordered the U. S. flag flown at half-mast until August 8 because the number 8 corresponds with the letter H in the alphabet and the letter H means Heil Hitler. Where else but MSNBC could something this nutty receive the light of day!

If it were just nutty politicians who were spouting hatred and making simple minded comments, it would be bad enough. Joe Scarborough, who was sane at one point in his life, said, “Mika and I have been overwhelmed by the response Pete Buttigieg got after being on the [Morning Joe] show” and called him “the future of the Democrat Party.” In another comment, Scarborough said, “Trump is devoid of humanity and only getting worse.”

The Hunt, a Hollywood movie where the plot has elitists hunting “deplorables” is a sign of the hatred that has been generated by the wild-eyed members of the Democrat Party. Note to elitists: Taking on Americans who grew up shooting guns and served in the military where they were trained in using weaponry might be just a little ill-advised in the idea department.

Anything, no matter how outrageous, the Democrats say, the media trumpets their comments. Rather than raise legitimate questions, they add equally inflammatory comments of their own. MSNBC and CNN have long since stopped even trying to pretend to be news gathering and reporting organizations. They are nothing more than twin arms of the media wing of the Socialist Party.

In the nation I grew up in people was civil, one to the other. Trump has shined a bright light on the problems of our country. The response by far too many is to go bat shite crazy because they hate the truth.

There is a real possibility that average Americans will get enough at some point, the fit will hit the shan, and people who prompted the reaction will look for holes to hide in.


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