United States of America, Version 2.0?

United States of America, Version 2.0?

by Kevin McCarthy – 1/12/21

The action on January 6th at the Capitol was boisterous, loud and assertive. The People said, “enough” and proceeded to enter “our house” to make our angry voices heard. Our government itself has thrown away the rule of law, the judiciary has turned its back on us, our votes and consent are robbed from us, our elected officials turn tail and run from us serving their own interests while the Media lies about us and mischaracterizes us as Nazis, white supremist and evil right-wing extremists. Now, they accuse us of carrying out “a bloody coup” when the only blood that was shed was that of innocent Ashli Babbitt, a patriot whose shed blood now waters the Tree of Liberty. Is it any wonder patriots are angry?

Now we are facing the designs of the power-hungry Democrats, who are promising more tyranny, to pack the Senate, the Courts, open the borders and this, after having watched for months, the Left burning, rioting, looting, murdering while the media only portrayed them as “peaceful protestors,” and us as racists for calling them out. All of this awakens us to the undeniable reality that what we are facing is Soviet-style totalitarianism!

Trump supporters have always been peaceful and law abiding. I have been to two of the recent marches in DC attended by hundreds of thousands. There have been hundreds of Trump rallies that have taken place across the country without a single act of violence instigated by a supporter of Trump, not one act of violence. Yet do Trump supporters even receive a modicum of a benefit of the doubt?  That is why I do not participate in the condemnation of those patriots for their alleged violence in storming the Capitol. Yes, they forced their way into “Our House,” and they also made a statement in the time-honored tradition of civil disobedience, and with good reason, as previously stated.

If there were acts of violence, I am hearing some Antifa-like people were there passing out hammers and other riot paraphernalia to their people, wearing gas masks and helmets. If so, then let us find those particular individuals and identify them. If it is true that Antifa had a strong presence there, it is, of course, highly suspicious activity and will confirm that violence was certainly not attributable to Trump supporters.

Some are saying Antifa arrived in two busloads and were let in so as to hijack things toward their own agenda and turn it into a violent event. We need to find out. But what is uncalled for is the rush to judgement and the utter condemnation of Trump supporters for forcing their way inside the Capitol.

In truth, it was a courageous act of protest and our elected officials would do well to try to understand what would cause normally law-abiding citizens to storm the Capitol building even at the risk of their lives which, sadly, did cost the life of Ashli Babbitt, a true patriot martyr. The other deaths that took place that day were either accidents or medical emergencies. Two of the deaths were not even at the Capitol and another was of the officer who committed suicide days later. Yet, the Media portrays it as if they all were murdered by the “bloody coup” perpetrated by Donald Trump and his vicious supporters. It is a lie.

The utterly amazing thing about the Capitol protest, was how the patriots were not violent or destructive in the demonstration. If these were not the good citizens of America, and, instead, the precedence of history held sway, we would have seen a Capitol burned to the ground and any Congressman or Senator cornered being lynched or, at least, tarred and feathered. Thank God, there were mostly good American citizens,

Trump supporters, at the Capitol on January 6th. In most cases, the only property damage was inadvertent, weapons were not brought in (other than by Antifa), nothing was set on fire, it was basically pushing, shoving, and yelling.

The patriots were there to make their point because, given the circumstances, it is not an option anymore for us to be gracious losers. We will not sit on our hands and whine over losing our nation while the pundits and professional Republicans, who were not even there, clutch their pearls and pontificate, concerned only about how to get a few crumbs that fall off the new master’s table. I would prefer to hear Republicans condemning the reasons that led to the storming of the Capitol. If they want to condemn, it should be that the People’s sacred rights, our authority to choose our representatives has been robbed from us!! That too, is a condemnable act of violence!!

We know, this particular battle is over and that it was sealed with The Steal, Jr., and the loss of the Georgia Senate race. We did not believe for a moment that Ted Cruz and the handful of Senators and Congressmen were engaged in anything more than Kabuki theater to appease their conservative constituents.

Sadly, what may be also over is, the United States of America version 1.0. On January 6, 2021 over 800,000 people, who are citizens first, then Trump supporters second, came to Washington D.C. They came during a weekday and in the middle of a pandemic. Many of them have had their lives and livelihoods turned upside-down, they have lost homes, businesses, college funds, retirement nest-eggs by the politically motivated “lockdown” and the promise of more to come with the Leftist Biden administration.

I spoke to many patriots, who came to the rally having spent their last dime to come to D.C. American lives have been destroyed by a cynical ruse to usurp power. That is what brought so many to the Capitol and the desperate and courageous action to enter the building! How else are they to be heard? Vote? But who now will do the counting?

I do not apologize for them, I stand with them, those brave heroes 100%. They are the courageous patriots, and we will remember them and the name of Ashli Babbitt forever. . .if there is still to be a United States of America.

That is the question then, will there – can there be the United States of America, version 2.0? To answer that question, the way forward has already been laid down: it is our only hope and, more than a right, it is our duty authorized to us by the endowment of our Creator and as expressed in the Declaration of Independence:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” Declaration of Independence

On January 6, we heard the next “shot heard around the world” and the new birth of a new America. 80,000,000 people will not go away and are duty-bound to throw off such Government, the despotism that is now foisted upon us by this coming Leftist regime.

Boldly stand for the narrative that is the truth and always remember January 6, 2021. It is the birthday of a new America, the day we all became Ashli Babbitt.

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