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The Universal Death Sentence – Citizen Sentinels Network

The Universal Death Sentence

The Universal Death Sentence

By Bill O’ Writes – 10/28/22

There is no longer credible doubt that there are forces at work to cut world population – no matter what it takes. Evil men have decided the population is too great for the earth to handle. They want you to exit the planet at the nearest space station. Of course the powers-that-be never consider taking that exit themselves. No rich nabobs or liberal politicians are planning on leaving their privileged lives soon. 

Death has been on my mind a lot lately – and it’s not because I am 83 years old. I have been pondering what seems to be a no-holds-barred conspiracy to foster death across the globe. The key outcome of the takeover will be getting rid of you and me to reduce the world population. Recent events bear out this conclusion.

It’s time to shout the truth! It is being promoted out loud and can no longer be denied. The only exceptions are unpunished murderers, rioters, abortion promoters, disease creators and others who have purposely caused deaths. They receive no punishment because promoting death is the goal of many wealthy leaders and politicians.

Literally millions of innocent people are being “marked for death” throughout the world and in America, where we are supposed to see the monsters of pollution and unproven climate change hiding beneath our beds. Meanwhile, the real monsters are in our governments, on our streets, and inside school curriculums. Following are a few population destroyers:

  1.   Climate Change

So-called climate change provides an excuse to clamp down on our freedom and keep us in our places, where we’ll be more governable. Climate theories are also the excuse for depriving us of necessary fuel for industry, transportation and production. Withholding needs is an excellent way to bring a population to heel. “We’re all going to die from climate change!” rich extremists cry as they fly past us in their private jets, using vastly more than their “share” of the planet’s resources while crying “foul” to anyone who doubts their climate hypotheses. “Rules for thee but not for me” is their mantra

This “climate change” is well on its way to ruining the economies of the world. The Green New Deal will never work and the enemy knows it. But it will kill many more people as there will not be affordable petroleum for transportation, heating our homes or fertilizing the world’s agriculture. Famine, like a wolf, is howling at the world’s door, and we will also see freezing deaths this coming winter.


  1.  The COVID Pandemic

Many of our freedoms were vastly curtailed by the advent of COVID, a disease that was likely “created” in the privacy of a Chinese lab. Few people believe its unleashing was an accident. The restrictions imposed were a great shock to formerly free Americans. Our constitution was suspended as we were forced to get untested vaccines and obey mandates that destroyed our basic freedoms. “You MUST wear a mask! You MUST stay home! You MUST take the vaccine, even if we have to force our way into your home. Fortunately, that was a “no go.” The government nearly succeeded in getting everyone vaxed since not complying led to job loss, travel restrictions, visiting loved ones and just about everything else that makes life worthwhile. Americans couldn’t even attend their churches. The lockdowns represented a takedown of everything important in our lives. And the mandates were unconstitutional! Meanwhile, people still died.

Almost no one now believes the disease and its aftermath just “happened.” Did all this furor exist to reduce population? If so, it was very successful. The practice of medicine will never be the same again. 

Especially despicable was the loss of life due to unvetted and dangerous vaccines. Many will no doubt refuse to have their children or themselves vaccinated ever again. Trust in public health care has been badly damaged if not outright killed. 

Another pandemic is likely in the planning stages right now. In 2010, Microsoft billionaire and depopulation advocate Bill Gates stated during a TED Talk, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that (world population) by perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.” Mr. Gates is obviously very sure of his ultimate success.


  1.  War!

Just in time for Halloween, here comes a true horror story. We are growing ever closer to a possible World War III, abetted by the movers and shakers – the globalists and the uber-rich. These billionaires see their fellow men as their enemies. They will never have enough power and money. Ukraine could well prove to be a test of strength between the dominant world powers. Could World War III be a plan to quickly eliminate population overgrowth? I am not qualified to examine this possibility in depth, but I am well qualified to be exceedingly fearful. Ukraine could be only the beginning.

  1.  Replacement Population

Depopulating the world by eliminating births is proceeding at a record pace. Millions of potential humans have been “legally” exterminated. And extermination is the correct word. Babies were once objects of love and hope for the future. To be pregnant was considered a blessing except in cases of extreme poverty. No more. The reduction of population plans supports birth control and can continue in some states even for a month after birth, the grossest of evils. Although undeniably human, babies cannot defend themselves and are totally reliant on mothers to love and protect them from the moment of conception to their birth and thereafter. More than any other evil, the killing of babies shows how far the plot to destroy life has succeeded. 

Now that the recent Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision has had its say on abortion, women can still resort to self-abortion by sending off for an RU-486 abortion pill, which has not been completely vetted for safety. So the potential mother can sidestep the regular abortion process and kill the developing baby herself. I am thankful that at least this procedure can only be used in the very early months of pregnancy. 

Abortion has led to disrespect for life itself. And of course, it also conveniently serves to limit population, which is, of course, the real goal.

  1.  Who Am I?

Why have so many young people accepted a homosexual or lesbian lifestyle? And why has this sexual mode been so highly touted in popular media sources and in our schools? Who stands to benefit? I do not condemn homosexuals or lesbians. As a group they tend to be very talented and friendly. But the fact remains they cannot reproduce, another positive for the depopulists.

Despoiling our children’s bodies with sex change operations and medications to supposedly change their gender is also being pushed hard. Not only will most of these children and teens come to regret these changes later in life, they will also have permanently lost their power to reproduce. Many doctors and hospitals are happy to perform these surgeries; there is a lot of money involved. Hmm, I wonder why transgenderism is being pushed and approved so vigorously? I do not blame the victims of these plots against nature but, again, the depopulists win a victory at the cost of a human tragedy.

  1.  Drugs

During the mid-1860s China was a prosperous country ruled by the Qing Dynasty. Unfortunately, opium was introduced to the country from India and became more and more popular with the masses. Opium dens with drug-induced comatose Chinese men became more and more frequent until the use of the drug influenced the power and economy of the country. They were ripe for a takeover. Most historical sources attribute the takedown of China to the sale and use of opium in what was later called the Opium Wars. Does this story seem familiar?

I refer you to the back streets of America. We are not in danger from only one drug, but from many. But Fentanyl is the most deadly and has caused the deaths of thousands, especially of the youth, in our country. So we commit suicide for our young by opening our borders to the drugs. Perhaps an open war won’t even be necessary for the destruction of our country. Certainly drugs are leading to death and suicide and destroying our youth. Is this another form of population control?

Evil men may indeed continue to succeed in reducing the worldwide population. I believe that mind control and possibly bio-markers may be planned for the future. But will people become a little wiser and harder to convince? I think it is happening. We are not out of the woods yet, but we are finding our way. The movers and shakers will undoubtedly continue to push depopulation in any way they can, but people are beginning to wake up. The COVID plot is better understood, and we will be better prepared for future depopulation plots. But do not forget the words of Bill Gates: “Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that (world population) by perhaps, 10 or 15 percent.” 

It is essential that we make necessary changes and prove him wrong!

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