The Value of Agreement and Cooperation in the Coming War

Without trust and cooperation there is little unity, and unity must be at the core of the efforts of all the various Christian, conservative, and patriotic groups that intend to fight for the values that our forefathers

The Value of Agreement and Cooperation in the Coming War

By Dennis JamisonJuly 23, 2019

At this time of year throughout America, a good number of families take advantage of the summer months to take a break from the rigors of the 9-5 work routines, or from their entrepreneurial work, to pursue happiness in the form of a personal or family vacation. This is also a time when patriot groups and Christian congregations can have summer camps or training sessions for those who are engaged in the Battle for the Soul of America. Various conservative and patriot groups take advantage of the season of growing in heart and mind. Yet, the preparation period now focuses many faith-based and conservative organizations on the upcoming battles that will be waged in the general elections in 2020. The political stakes are much higher than they have ever been.

The annual Road to Majority Conference, hosted by the evangelical Faith & Freedom Coalition; the Western Conservative Summit, hosted by the Colorado Christian University and the Centennial Institute, or the Staying True to America’s National Destiny (STAND) conference established by Bishop E.W. Jackson are all example of conferences held this summer. These conferences are intended to educate and inspire the American citizens with famous speakers and writers from across America. These meetings and gatherings bring together thousands of well-meaning Christians, conservatives, and patriotic Americans to become aware of substantial group efforts to promote ideals, principles and to the values rooted in the Judeo-Christian heritage that are the foundation of the United States.

Such conferences bring together intelligent and articulate patriots to share their perspectives, experiences or efforts to embrace and re-emphasize these fundamental ideals, principles, and values at the heart of the founding of the nation. These values were what drove the Founding Fathers to speak up and speak out publicly against the actions of a government that was no longer responsive to the needs of the citizens. These principles were embedded in the British governmental system, but could easily be disregarded by the Crown, or by the Parliament, or both. These values, that at one time or another had to be protected by actual physical battle, today are being ignored by the political elitists, or by those with no genuine moral values whatsoever.   

In the pre-revolutionary stages of the War for Independence, long before there were political parties, several similar gatherings brought together like-minded articulate and intelligent people to discuss what could be done together to address the lack of consideration, the disrespect, and the overt attack upon their rights as citizens. Committees of Correspondence were formed as early as 1764. The first formal one was organized in Boston, Massachusetts, to rally opposition to the Sugar and Currency Acts that the British Parliament had passed that year.  British citizens in the colonies were viewed by the government as nothing more than a source of revenue to offset the cost of the Seven Years War, which was fought in America as the French and Indian Wars. Colonists felt a genuine threat to their value as citizen because they felt taken advantage of, with no true reciprocation of corresponding citizen rights. Thus, the concept of “no taxation without representation” was born, apparently credited to James Otis, Jr.

Today, state governors, as well as state and federal officials elected to serve the will of the citizens are also NOT providing true representation to those very citizens who elected them. One political party and others who are protective of their own political power are advocating for the concerns of non-citizens over the will of the citizens in the U.S.A! The people have become confused by the contemporary narratives spewed forth from the mainstream media and the political party of choice. “We the People” have lost touch with the general principles of a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Without accurate information about critical issues as well as the potential outcomes of specific actions and legislation passed by the government officials, a well-informed public cannot be properly prepared to elect representatives who will serve the will of the people. The will of a particular political party is the prime focus. This is a breakdown in true representation as well as a breakdown in the whole premise for elected officials to truly represent the people in the people’s government. It ends up, for   all practical purposes, becoming a government of the professional politicians, by the professional politicians, and for the professional politicians—Elists all!

While much has been attributed to Donald Trump and his “populist” campaign and presidency, it was Dr. Ben Carson who observed during his 2016 presidential campaign that the real paradigm was not a battle between the Democrats and the Republicans, but it was a battle between the people and the government (elitists). The course and outcome of the 2016 election demonstrated this as wealthy elitists (Rush Limbaugh refers to them as the “donor class”), who had been more comfortable in the shadows, began to emerge to take a stand against the man determined to stand up for the people. The elitists who built the current system based upon haf-truths, lies, and social manipulation were threatened.

There is a domestic enemy in America, and it includes us—regardless of how hard that may be to digest. A truth that has been known for centuries is that all it takes for evil to triumph, is for good people to do nothing. As long as good people sleep, the Republic, and the freedoms that are the fruit of that Republic will erode. Sadly, disunity and divisiveness are worse than slumber during the battle for America’s soul. Conferences that bring together intelligent and articulate patriots to share their perspectives, experiences, or efforts to embrace and re-emphasize the foundational ideals, principles, and values are extremely important. Nevertheless, without genuine unity, serious action and sustained follow through with specific effort can lead to nothing being done. Much well-intended effort often has resulted in nothing tangible or substantial being accomplished.

Additionally, in the battle for America’s soul, which is the battle over the values, principles, and ideals at the core of our founding documents, good people could lose because they prefer to let someone else do the job. This equates to doing nothing and is non-productive.

Once a common threat to citizen freedoms has been identified, common cause to fight must be established through genuine agreement among the people who care about what America truly stands for—not the current effort to redefine America’s values as being in alignment with a Marxist or Socialist Utopia. Agreement not only includes identification of the common threat, but also the determination to act in cooperation in the fight against the threats.

Common threats to freedom today are somewhat similar to those that existed in the American colonies in the 1700s. Now however, the lies and lure of tyranny are slickly packaged to appear attractive, or progressive. Yet, in the time preceding the War for Independence, good people, brave and brilliant people, began working together in common cause to truly address the threats to freedoms they only dreamed of obtaining.

Agreement upon the genuine threats to the Republic is essential to begin to work together. Working together is essential to address all the threats adequately with assurance of genuine victory. Such agreement is critical to the establishment of trust and cooperation. Without trust and cooperation there is little unity, and unity must be at the core of the efforts of all the various Christian, conservative, and patriotic groups that intend to fight for the values that our forefathers were willing to fight and die to secure. Agreement is a foundation stone that generates unity, and unity generates a willingness to cooperate among the groups or organizations that are serious about taking action beyond just lucrative speaking engagements or comfortable conferences. It is now cliche’—yet absolutely true: “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

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