The War has Come – Agreement and Cooperation are ‘Essential’ Tasks in Reclaiming our Republic!

The War has Come – Agreement and Cooperation are ‘Essential’ Tasks in Reclaiming our Republic!

By Dennis JamisonJune 9, 2020

In July of last year, I offered a perspective in an article entitled ‘The Value of Agreement and Cooperation in the Coming War’. There are many in America who are aware we are in a war, and then there are many who are clueless with regard to such a perception. Such a statement is not intended to be judgmental of the clueless. But, for those still unaware of the war, recent events are good indications of major tremors or disruptions of the relative cultural calm and social fabric. But, it may be that only now, after all of the violence that has torn communities and the nation apart, more people are becoming fully cognizant of ‘the war.’ Nevertheless, there are also many who remain in denial, and for some it is on purpose, not because of cluelessness.

The United States has just been ravaged by the COVID-19 Pandemic, but possibly less due to the disease and more due to reactions based on theories of the potential harm to the society from a highly contagious and deadly disease. Now, citizens are witnessing an odd phenomenon of the protests and rioting dissipating the fears over COVID-19. Outbreaks of coronavirus should have occurred across the nation since the end of May. At least, this would have been the outcry if the protesters were Christians, conservatives or patriots marching in the streets and demanding momentary attention.

Hypocrisy is easy to identify. Children can detect hypocrisy when their parents prohibit them from doing any activity that the parents engage in themselves. Teenagers who have parents who smoke can detect the hypocrisy when they are told not to take up smoking. It is the “do as I say, not as I do” phenomenon. Democrat officials and politicians were observed in the act of supporting the demonstrations and protests against the unjust killing of George Floyd. Yet, the week before they were condemning Christians for wanting to congregate. Even some of the Democrat authorities had churchgoers who violated their lockdowns fined and had some ministers arrested.

Hypocrisy is easy to identify and it reeks. But, this latest round of obvious hypocrisy is over the top—more than simple hypocrisy or truly blatant double standards being employed. COVID-19 set the stage for mild resistance to the lockdown orders, but people who engaged in various types of protests across the nation were respectful of the laws, and to some extent even willing to agree to the mandated social distancing and wearing of protective masks. Even then, several Democrat leaders were sharply critical of these people ‘endangering the society’ at large. They were trashed by Democrat leaders and their sycophants as being selfish and irresponsible. Yet, ‘Do as I say, not as I do.’ It does not matter what the justification may be – it’s Hypocrisy!

Hypocrisy is obvious, but it has no meaning to people who have no values. The demonstrations that started out peaceful were hijacked by the lawless elements within various cities. In fact, it even appears that the Democrat leaders and their sycophants support the violence. The basic justification is that police brutality and cops killing blacks must end. And one of the latest calls by Democrat leaders and their sycophants is to end funding or reduce funding of the police forces in cities all across America. This is now the political move that Leftists, Progressives, Socialists, and especially anarchists agree with. It fits right alongside taking away guns from law-abiding citizens. Both initiatives have the intent of rendering regular citizens helpless or defenseless against the lawless.

Hypocrisy is one thing, but enabling those who obey no law is an entirely different dimension of white collar crime in America. Elected officials who would be willing to expose those law-abiding citizens to those who obey no law have little regard for the Constitution and the civil society it is intended to ensure. Stripping citizens of proper protection from the lawless transforms elected officials who advocate such measures into criminals in their own right.  Citizens pay the salaries of elected officials through the taxes they give to the federal, state, and municipal governments. So, rendering law-abiding citizens defenseless in such a toxic political environment is criminal. It justifies stealing from the citizens for personal or political power, and such actions aid and abet criminals. Maybe that is the whole point.

Domestic enemies have no true values. Those who are aware of this war, should understand. It matters not whether the criminal is elected or a street thug—breaking the law reveals that both have little respect for the law and few real values. This is because American values are actually at the heart of this war. What American citizens value, or do not value, is one of the most crucial factors that will determine the outcome of this war.

Do Americans still care enough to keep the Republic for which so many gave their lives?

On Saturday, Americans remembered those who gave their lives on beaches in Normandy to liberate France from Nazi occupation. D-Day on June 6, 1944, was the beginning of the end for the tyranny that had swept across Europe in that time. Yet through dedicated agreement and absolute cooperation between the Allies, D-Day was the beginning of the end for tyranny’s grip on Europe. Today, it is American soil that has been occupied, and never before in our history has such a truly formidable enemy been arrayed against our Republic.

While President Trump is capable of doing a lot, he can do only so much without support from the people. He is actually the principal target of domestic enemies—he has been since before his victory in 2016.

Americans must rise up in this time to work together in a D-Day-like cooperative assault to fight back and reclaim our Republic from criminals. Agreement on all genuine threats to the Republic is “essential” in working together. Genuine agreement between true allies in this war is also vital. American citizens are not each other’s enemies. Working in agreement and cooperation creates unity. And, unity has to be at the core of the efforts of the Christian, conservative, and patriotic groups fighting for the values that our forefathers were willing to fight for and die to secure. Unity is an “essential” objective to counter all domestic threats, and unity will create a foundation for victory in the battles of 2020.

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