The War on History

The War on History

A review, by Bonnie Parsley

Jarrett Stepman’s book, “The War on History,” is a timely and important book for restoring America’s true heritage. The author does a masterful job of reviewing the past with a fair and even-handed approach. He makes a case for looking at  history objectively and not judging everything done by today’s idea of morality. In addition, he contends events were not simply right or wrong but a combination of these, and a portrait of how imperfect people accomplished great things.

Stepman takes us through more than two hundred years of our history, pointing out how we grew from a country of immigrants to become the most powerful nation on the planet. His book is a warning to Americans. If we continue to let radical leftists portray our country’s past in the most negative, destructive way possible, we will lose our inheritance in this country which has provided freedom and opportunity for every citizen to achieve the American Dream.

The author makes us question whether the United States will continue to be great or will slide into history as a failed attempt at self-government and individual liberty. He warns we are at a crossroads. One path keeps us on the road designed by our founders, and the other takes us to the failed policies of socialism. We must choose to preserve our past and recognize the contributions of great men while acknowledging they were not perfect. No one is.

“The War on History” is a needed contribution to creating an understanding of  how American greatness was born from intense struggles throughout our history. It provides direction in how we must pass on to future generations a story of our past which includes a perspective on the times in which the people lived. 

Stepman’s account of America’s journey offers us a deeper understanding of historical events and helps reject the lies about our past so prevalent in current culture. It brings into sharp focus the great truth of what a truly wonderful gift it is to be an American.


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