There’s Just No Way Around It, ‘Because Without America There Is No Free World’

There’s Just No Way Around It, ‘Because Without America There Is No Free World’

By Judi McLeod —- August 20, 2020

It was Gang-Up Time at the Democrat Convention last night. Gang-Up Time for hate-filled, vengeful big 2016 losers Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who waited four years to get even, not just with the successfully elusive president—but the 63 million and still growing people who voted him in.

All but the most gullible among us knew last night was coming, just as most know that Desperado Dems will come up with anything they can to rig the 2020 Election—sometime between today and November 3.

For the Democrats, the timing couldn’t have possibly been more perfect: a captive audience on home, church and business lockdown, forced to wear face masks on the threat of fines and in some places—even arrest—even with a pandemic in visible decline.

It must have been torture for millions who tried to go channel hopping last night.  But the Gang-Up, notwithstanding, the same torture was played out by the mainstream and social media for the better part of the past four years.

The captive audience had already been hijacked by the latest technology called live streaming—the same kind that former president Obama has been running as a private citizen over at Netflix from things he learned from Harvey Weinstein.

Last night’s Gang-Up dragged the masses back to 2016, only this time instead of the televised media SobFest, it was meant to leave the masses in despondency and despair.

Knowing that because of the lifestyles they are forced to lead; playing human nature like an accordion, Obama and Clinton know at heart that the public has a short memory being too busy trying to keep body and soul together.

Without burdening readers with the grimy details of Obama and Clinton in office, this is a brief rundown how we’ve come from there to a wildly unstable here.

Five days before his election as president, Obama didn’t just let it be known that his main life mission was to “Fundamentally Transform”  the country that was to make him a multi-millionaire, but some twelve heartbreaking years later, many remember that he didn’t just talk about it—he openly bragged about it!

Directly after being sworn in as America’s 44th, he (between multiple holidays and golfing) went abroad at taxpayer expense galvanizing all America haters, while his surrogates back home were doing the same thing domestically.

Obama and his malcontent activist wife brought more racial divide into America than anyone else—including the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of their day, and went on to do the same thing in fabulously enriched private lives.

Recognizing during his second term in office that there was no legal way for him to gain a third term, he inflicted America with Benghazi-guilty Hillary Clinton who would be his 3rd term by proxy.

Obama is trying the same thing with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in 2020.

The worst thing about Election 2016 is that it never ended.

Outstanding Obama legacy gave America girl school and gym washrooms shared by free roving males and socialized health care, and that’s naming just two.

Before leaving, Obama wrote his own country off, leaving its inhabitants struggling in the dark.

Last night, a Wednesday, was an extension of Obama’s Wednesday Night White House Parties when Hollywood misfits like Johnny Depp and Tom Hanks got to toast the downfall of America with martinis and champagne at taxpayer expense.

But on the morning after last night’s grotesque Gang-Up, I am grateful to my columnist colleagues who I knew would be rushing deadlines to report to patriots what really went on at last night’s Obama-Clinton Gang-Up.

These courageous columnists were there in Election 2016—never giving up on reporting the truth.

Space and time don’t allow me the privilege of naming all of them because they number in the hundreds.

But I remember in particular Matthew Vadum, one of the first writers working with us when Canada Free Press was a Toronto based print journal.

I will never forget being on a radio show with Vadum on Election Night 2016.  He was the first person who told me, when signing off the radio show before even the media reluctantly admitted to a waiting world that Donald Trump was President:  “As I now live in Washington, D.C. and am close to many bars, I’m going now to celebrate Donald Trump’s victory,” he said when signing off.

Vadum was one of the many, many writers who stood tall against the Obama-Clinton regime.  They’re still standing there now, albeit torn and tattered by Google, Facebook, Twitter, the mainstream and social media—but still standing there all the same.

They’ll be standing there still (God Bless them!) when the count staggers in from Election 2020, win, lose or draw, not willing to leave the front battle lines.

That’s because they are imbued with human characteristics that Obama and Clinton are not: decency, honesty, patience, a deep love for God, family and country—and human HOPE.

This one’s for you, writers, readers and commenters, who will still be there when the lights come on again, all over the world.

For there’s just no getting around it: “Because without America there is no Free World!”



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