Third Parties Can’t Win Elections – Sorry “Republicans!”

Third Parties Can’t Win Elections – Sorry Republicans!

By Jack GleasonFebruary 4, 2021

Fighting back against the voter fraud that was perpetrated on our country is going to be a long, hard process. The good news is that everyone who was in on the crime has been clearly exposed.

One question that comes up is “Do we start a Third Party?” The opponents say “no” and look to American history where they were rarely successful. They are missing the fact that these are very unique times and a new realignment has already taken place in the American electorate…

  • Democrats are deeply split between those who support the ideals of “helping the common man” and radicals who believe America is horribly flawed and needs to be demolished. They are now a coalition of propagandized minorities and cultural splinter groups, funded by globalists and rich Tech entrepreneurs, and supported by operatives in the Deep State.
  • Independents don’t hate America, and really don’t like either party. They believe in what is best for their families, and the Biden gang will quickly show their true colors as anti-American, anti-family and anti-business.
  • Republicans are split between conservatives and RINOs. It would have been nice to take over the GOP, but the RINOs seem to be in charge and have proven to be so corrupt and spineless that no one will vote for them. Their Get Out the Vote machine was very effective, but it can be replaced quickly.

Trump created his political coalition in 2016 and won again in 2020 by uniting the common man from the Democrats, the “I hate politicians” people from independents, and the conservatives from the GOP who hate RINOs. If you look at the real results of the 2020 election, you see very few people voted FOR Biden, perhaps 30 million. The rest were people who bought into the Big Tech and Left Media character assassination of Trump, about 40 million, and possibly 10 million votes that were fraudulent.

The 2020 “results” showed 81 million for Biden and 74 million for Trump. As the Biden “administration” continues with their plans to wreck the country, and the truth slowly dribbles out about Trump’s accomplishments despite media censorship, perhaps half of those 40 million voters who were told Trump was horrible will see the light.

So you have 30 million Biden voters and 74+20 million for Trump. When Trump starts his Patriot Party, the GOP will be left with only RINOs, who are really just globalist Democrats anyway.

So feel free to believe the narrative that a third party can’t win, it’s just the Republicans who will be the third party.

Eliminating the voter fraud machine will be more difficult. This needs to be done at the state legislature level. Your first step is to change your voter registration to “Independent” as soon as possible and cancel any plans to send Republicans your money. Political parties run on cash, and without it they wither and die.

Next, get involved in your state elections for 2022 and demand an end to voter fraud. Run as a candidate yourself or actively work in primary campaigns against candidates who didn’t support honest voting. True Republican conservatives will be emboldened and will see they have support to switch to the Patriot Party.

Look for alternatives to Big Tech so you won’t be censored and can organize freely.

Our republic is in for some hard times. But the Democrats can’t help but expose themselves for what they are – haters of our country seeking personal power and money, with no connection to real Americans at all.

Get to work and bring our country back.

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