Thoughts about the Election…as we await the results

Thoughts about the Election…as we await the results

By Jack Meyer – 11/10/2020

It is important to scrutinize this unusual election to make sure all legal votes were accurately counted and that the Constitution was not violated, either intentionally or inadvertently.  At the same time, conservatives have to consider what direction will be taken if the final outcome lands Vice President Biden in the White House.

Much encouragement can be taken away from the 2020 election, regardless of the final outcome of the presidential race.  Republicans gained seats in the House, weakening Nancy Pelosi’s position, and will likely hold their majority in the Senate.  All of the worst-case fears of a Democrat sweep have been allayed, at least for now.  The Supreme Court cannot be packed.  Senate rules will not be changed to allow the majority party to act at will without even considering input from the other side.  Extreme socialistic proposals will not be rushed through the law-making process with little or no real debate.

The most encouraging discovery has been that more minorities and working-class citizens have begun to challenge the rhetoric of the Democrat Party and test it by comparing real-life results under the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration.  That comparison would continue to be clear under a Biden Administration.

The opportunity in front of conservatives is incredible.  Beginning today, regardless of the outcome of the election, a full court press must begin to continue to educate working class people, of every race, and creed, of the value of freedom and free market capitalism when compared to the progressive, even socialistic direction that Democrats want to take America.

This effort, if done well, will lead to great gains in the 2022 election and beyond.  The opportunity is clear, but what about leadership.  This must be led by someone who is a no-nonsense leader.  Someone who makes things happen in the midst of difficult challenges.  The leader must inspire people and hold them accountable for results.  Perhaps Donald Trump could be even more impactful on the future of our nation after leaving office than he has been through his accomplishments while in office.  Food for thought.

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