Throw the Rascals Out

Throw the Rascals Out

By Michael J. Lewinski 10/04/19

There’s a squabble in the Democratic party. Moderate and liberal Democrats are again being challenged by progressive, socialist Democrats. It now looks like Progressives are finally going to win after a long struggle to transform the Democratic party into the Bull Moose Party. It only took them a little more than a century to be on the eve of accomplishing that.

For their crowning achievement, Progressives, led by Nancy Pelosi, are going to try to throw President Trump, out of office and negate the will of Hoosiers and other conservative Americans who elected him. By ignoring the traditional way for a presidential impeachment, which requires a vote by the whole Houses to initiate an official impeachment inquiry, this San Francisco Progressive is launching another witch hunt.

I hope my neighbors in Indiana are going to say, enough is enough. This soft coup cannot stand, it will not stand! That is unless we do not act to defend and support President Trump.  

What can you do? Write letters to the editor condemning this farce. Call in to radio talk shows to do the same. Talk to your family members, your fellow parishioners at church, club members and neighbors. You can organize sign-waving/flag-waving events and get permission from the police for places like outside of city hall or county offices or better yet, outside of your representative’s office.

Of course, you can contact your federal representative by mail, phone or email, and let him or her know you support President Trump and you expect them to defend our President from this witch hunt that is tearing our country apart. Tell them you are watching what they do, and you expect them to keep you abreast of what they are doing to protect the President.

The moderate and liberal Democrats have lost. Join with conservative Republicans, Libertarians. and Independents to support President Trump.



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