Time For Action 

Time For Action

By Howard Buchanan

I believe that now is the time to begin our work for the next election in November. The circus on the news about the impeachment has been set up to occupy people’s minds with a diversion from the true items that we need to be looking at. The next important task will involve the Congressional elections. The current crew wants to keep their jobs, of course, so they are drawing attention as far away from that situation as they can.

It underlines for me a very disturbing realization that nobody in our government has to do anything they don’t want to do. And conversely, they can do whatever they want without any action being taken to stop them. What this means is that there is no one who has the authority to say, “Oh no you’re not, that’s a crime!” I guess I never realized that before…

Bedlam is ruling our federal and, most importantly, our state governments that have decided to follow the lawless route to governing. Apparently, the Legislature and the Governor, or even a Mayor can simply pass any law they want with no recrimination whatsoever. It boggles the mind that the very government we count on to not only enforce, but operate in accordance with the laws and our Constitution, has gone rogue and wayward right in front of us. And furthermore, it appears that our other trusted protectors, like the news media, have taken up the operating procedures traditionally associated with communist dictatorships.

What is required of us now is to become involved in the elections of our legislators. The President will be re-elected. In the same manner that we helped him get elected by taking the Republican seat in the primary despite the fact that 16 current Republicans were also running for that same one, we must seek and support other new souls to take the Republican and the Democratic seats away from the incumbents.

Remember that they all set forth a Federal Budget that funded felonies in the form of assisting illegal aliens to receive benefits, with taxpayer’s money. The President signed it, but they wrote it in broad daylight, knowing full well it was a crime.

The other point that has been buried deep under the cloak of media prevarications is the fact that the only reason the Democrats won so many seats in 2016 was that so many Republicans had to go, and who else was there to vote for other than Democrats? This time we need to find suitable experienced persons to walk up on their own, and with our help, to win the Republican and Democratic primaries and take their places as Constitutional Americans the same way Donald Trump did. Over 150 incumbents were let go in that election. Another fact that was quickly buried and forgotten.

It is my opinion that fraudulent elections present the predominant way any Democrat gets elected at all. We need to push hard for the President to eliminate this scourge before the next election. And if the law was enforced diligently, the Sanctuary Cities would be eliminated and 90 percent of the reason to come here illegally would disappear without the need for a wall that will not stop any persistent criminals anyway.

We have term limits now, if we just make use of them; and the fact that people like Ted Cruz are pushing for them, should say a lot against them. The only people term limits would limit, is us. If we don’t get involved and make sure that good and honest people are running for the offices, the same creeps will line up like they do now. Remember too that after five years in office they get a pension for life, and a Senate full of freshmen would defeat the purpose of having one.

The main point I wish to convey in this article is that we need to look away from the lying prevaricators and stay focused on the real tasks that need to be addressed. God is with us and we will prevail, if we only get involved and speak out as well as participate in our government.

Godspeed to you all! God Bless America! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

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