Time to talk proof not pandering

Time to talk proof not pandering

By A. Dru KristenevNovember 10, 2020

While average media outlets can’t ingratiate themselves fast enough to a hypothetical Biden presidency, proof of blatant fraud is being uncovered on every level. Trouble is, the tendency to make news all about the one delivering it isn’t lacking on either side.

Not that the majority of Americans care what the fawning cable and network talking heads have to say. They are turning off Fox News by the droves the way they abandoned CNN, NBC, CBS and the rest of the alphabet soup networks years ago.

What the “alternative” media had better learn but quick is that the same style of self-important opining from the right will not suffice to replace the leftist media. The “I told you so” attitude from news anchors and consultants is as much a turn-off as the puffed-up elitism of the left.

The only thing real news followers crave is straightforward reporting without watching personalities fight for center stage by continually blowing their own horn. Of course, this might be why we’re seeing the voter fraud evidence come pouring in – because the never-Trumpers just couldn’t bear not to be recognized for their hand in dirtying, devaluing and despoiling the process.

Back to the news at hand… the foolhardiness of bestowing a victor’s crown while the battle still rages.

The multiple fronts in this war have cavernous breaches through which truth is marching, procuring weapons from the democrat troops that they haven’t bothered to protect or hide, they’re so proud of their strategizing.

Witnesses are stepping forward, providing affidavits of the mishandling, backdating and outright falsification of ballots to boost the democrat numbers. The brazenness of election officers to shut down vote counting in five swing states all at the same time (gee, what a coincidence); ignore court orders and bar republican poll watchers from observing the process, as occurred in Pennsylvania and Detroit; to cover for poll workers as they marked multiple ballots for the presidential ticket or simply throw away military absentee ballots is stupefying.

Flagrant lies being repeated by major media regarding the safety of the electronic voting system and ballot counting goes beyond boldness, long since leaving the realm of a narrative and entering that of criminal conspiracy.

In the linked interview, L. Todd Wood astutely handed the reins over to the head of Allied Security Operations, Russell Ramsland, who proceeded to detail the long term investigation of electronic voting fraud that is at the core of the incorrectly termed “glitches” that have been caught in the 2020 election. The proof of nationwide vote malfeasance is carefully documented here.

The worst part of this well-run investigation is the complete lack of interest to follow-up on the evidence by the FBI, whom they approached more than once.

Watch the video. It’s more than our premiere federal law enforcement agency has bothered to do which begs the obvious question… why?

After watching the baseless attacks continue one barrage after another by the media and Congress against President Trump, the answer has to do with self-promoting politicians and personalities. The good of the People has never been their motive. Building a power base for personal gain is what drives them.

The saddest part of the whole corrupt scenario where the democrats work tirelessly to cement their control is that every one of them is expendable. No officer of the court or law enforcement, administrator, elected (after the video expose’ one must apply the term with reserve) official or media figure who sells their soul for a backslap from the political machine is immune to falling from favor.

As the delusional media thinks to usurp the constitutional role of the states and electoral college from declaring the winner in a presidential election, it’s the duty of citizens to arm themselves with the facts about voter fraud, which is proven not only to be real, but rampant. Eradicating the corruption from the election process is the only road to ensure the United States of America continues intact as a compound constitutional republic.

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