To Foil The Progressive Revolution

To Foil The Progressive Revolution

By Michael J. Lewinski 07/08/20

It is long past the time for Americans to awake from their slumber and do something to foil the Progressive revolution that is under way and threatening our American way of life. We must do more than just talk about it; we must do something to actively try and stop the tyranny they want to impose on us.

What would this look like? The teachers in our schools should engage their students in discussions about the political revolution that is under way. As a former social studies teacher I can tell you there are numerous ways to address this. Teachers need to discuss what rights our Constitution allow us to exercise, and what life would be like without those opportunities. They would affect our material life, our safety, our spiritual life and our family life.

The teachers could shine a bright light on how different live would be if we lost our right of conscience, self-defense, and the right to pursue economic gain. Certainly, many would change their minds, as would adults, when they realized how uncomfortable and off putting such a lifestyle would be.

Adults should also be examining the consequences of abandoning the American lifestyle. They should look at what they now have, and what the Progressive revolutionaries want to take from us. When getting together with friends from the neighborhood, from church, with other family members, from clubs and from work. They need to review this Progressive revolution methodically with thought and reflection. They must evaluate it from a biblical perspective.

Another way to act is to challenge those who would tear down statues and monuments. Guard them armed where that’s allowed. Do not allow these progressives to destroy our history and heritage so they can create a new history and heritage for the American people. Most important, ask God for his grace for helping us to question this evil Progressive revolution being forced on us.


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