To Show Up and Do

To Show Up and Do

By Michael J. Lewinski  10/28/19

 I was in Ohio attending a conference examining the biblical basis of our founding documents and other contributing events in our history. When I was in Ohio, I met some very interesting people who are doing some amazing things politically and philosophically. These men and women are innovating successfully on the life front and family front while working with the Republican party to achieve conservative objectives. This at a time when our Constitutional Republic is in great danger from a radical Progressive element embedded in our society.

We have evolved into an amoral nation. As a people, we are neither hot nor cold. We live in a time when the people of God have to stand up, man up and step up to overcome the evil that has bedeviled our community.

And what might these evils entail? They include the taking of innocent life in the womb from those who are at the other end of the life spectrum. It includes the war on the traditional family, the war on free speech with political correctness, and the ultimate destruction of our economy by progressive Socialists.

It is the people of God, moderates of all persuasions and even liberals who must step up and confront the radical leftists who threaten our way of life. A life that revolves around our communities of worship, our family lives and personal lives.  

The only way to root this evil from our society is to vote Progressives from office and vote against those who are seeking office. The “do,” to achieve this, is to educate and motivate others by blogging, communicating on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media. Calling in to talk shows is another option, as well as talking to neighbors, friends, family and your church family. Most importantly, you can ask God to help us.

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