To Vote or Not to Vote in 2018: A Defense of the Freedom to Vote

To Vote or Not to Vote in 2018: A Defense of the Freedom to Vote

By Dennis Jamison –October 22, 2018

The midterm elections in 2018 are not just another set of national elections in the long stream of midterm elections down through America’s history. Citizens of the United States are still standing at a crossroads in the nation’s history because freedom is still being threatened. However, such a serious threat may not easily appear to most people who have become utterly disgusted with politics in the new millennium. Yet since 9/11, politics has become a dominant aspect of the lives of American citizens. There is no turning away in disgust with the option that things will get better. Current events in 2018 prove otherwise.

In fact since 2001, the political landscape in almost every part of the world has changed due to the threat of global terrorism. And the initial unity after the terrorist attacks upon American soil has long ago disintegrated of premeditated and deliberate divisiveness. In 2018, the United States no longer seems so united. Threats to freedom are no longer limited to attack upon the nation from outside the United States. The threats to freedom are coming from within. The events that are unfolding at this time, in the halls of our government and in the streets of many major cities, are the reflections of the deeper divisions within the minds of the leaders at the highest levels of government.

These recent trends may be reversing as more and more Americans wake up to the very real threats to freedom on American soil in the 21st century – especially those from a domestic enemy. For those who are paying careful attention to current events, and for those who are clear about American history, the “Democratic” Party has morphed into a mafia-style criminal cartel primarily concerned about personal and Party power, by, for, and of the Party, at whatever the cost.



Consider that the Democrat leadership in the “Democratic” National Committee willfully orchestrated the nomination of Hillary Clinton to run for President of the United States in 2016. The pretense portrayed to the party faithful – especially idealistic supporters of Bernie Sanders – was that the primaries were fair, and everyone’s vote counted. This was an illusion. This process of “voting” was a charade and Donald Trump was correct in stating that the Democrat leaders rigged the selection process of their candidate of choice. Democrat leaders were fine with manipulating the outcome of those primaries.

Both of these two powerful political parties exercise tremendous control who is selected by the Party leadership to run for office in this nation. The party leadership in each party are the gatekeepers as to who is “allowed” to run initially, who gets financial support to run, and who becomes a preferred candidate or candidate of choice. Money, and lots of money, is often at the core of much of that decision-making from the initial stages of political activity all the way up the staircase to the very high stakes positions of leadership in American government. And, the higher the position, the higher that the stakes become until it is not much different from “buying” a seat in Congress or a position as governor.

Former President Barack Obama once bragged, “Elections have consequences.” Voter turnout should be important then. But, to the Party that relegates voting to a charade, it may not mean much. Americans should consider Obama’s statement carefully, and the intelligent voters should realize that if Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2016, the value of voting itself would have been compromised. Certainly, the charade was costly, and party members who believed in contributing to their candidate of choice would not have had to spend any money if the process had been transparent. Hillary supporters could have known there would be no need to spend money – she had been ordained. Also, all the Bernie supporters, who did sue to get their money back, could have been spared a lot of trouble if they had known the contest was rigged from the beginning.

The “Democratic” leaders demonstrated elitist deceit in “nominating” Clinton. Those who were in the upper levels of the Democrat leadership were aware of it. Former Minority Leader Senator Harry Reid admitted in July 2016, “I knew—everybody knew—that this was not a fair deal.” Democrats should consider seriously whether they are comfortable with the deceit of their leaders. If a political party is so willing to deceive its own people, what would they be capable of with regard to the general populace?

Americans – not Democrats or Republicans, but American citizens – need to consider that this act of deceit is of greater expense than any cost of campaign contributions. It means that the desire to control the outcome of voting is greater than the desire to see the genuine outcome. This is absolutely not the American way. The manipulation of the Democrats’ Primary should be a huge red flag for any American. It lowers the standard of the electoral process to the level of a third-rate dictatorship. It reveals that the manipulators do not care about the value of voting, period.

It was also quite revealing in 2016 that in the last debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, candidate Trump was asked in a skeptical manner whether he would truly accept the results of the election. Knowing what he knew about how “Democratic” Party leaders willingly rigged their primary, he qualified his answer. But only he was asked. And since the 2016 election outcome, it has been the “Democratic” Party that has not accepted the results of an honest election. Does that mean they will only accept the results of a dishonest election? This is not make-believe. “Elections have consequences.”

If American citizens vote for Democrats in any election across the nation, they are voting for a Party and not just individual candidates. A vote for any candidate reflects more than a choice about the character of the candidate; the net effect represents a choice more for the political party, their respective platforms, and the core leadership. And, Democrat leaders can no longer be trusted to ensure the value of people’s votes, which should be considered sacred to the future if a free society. “Democratic” Party leaders have proven that they are intent on controlling the outcome of elections at whatever the cost – even the cost of rigging the results. Democrat leaders have proven they refuse to accept the results of legitimate elections – even as their anger illustrates how foolish and immature they are. They have proven again and again they will pander to gutter levels of human emotion to manipulate “useful idiots” in order to get power.

In 2018, intelligent voters ask whether the “Democratic” Party can continue to maintain its relevance in a democratic society. Voters should ask whether the “Democratic” Party is still relevant in a constitutional-Republic because that is the true foundation and form of government of the United States of America. Voters need to ask whether Democrat core leaders are really socialists or constitutionalists.

Essentially, Democrats are now a political party that is quite comfortable with socialism, which is essentially utilization of the power of the state to steal from as many citizens they are able to, for as long as they can get away with it, and with citizen compliance. Democrats have almost always been known as the party to tax and spend, but being more transparent they are now showing up more in alignment with socialist ideals than with the rule of law and the Law of the Land. The Party seems destined to morph into a monster of minimal fiscal accountability. Democrat leaders have already demonstrated their disdain for the U.S. Constitution, and the value of law and order – even disdain for fairness in elections. The ultimate goal seems to be the creation of a deceitful, one-party, sanctuary state dominion as it has been established in California.

Elections have consequences, and 2018 is no ordinary midterm election year. The true value of voting in the future may be determined in the numerous elections across the nation this year. As citizens cast their votes, the nation is standing at a crossroads because freedom itself is still being threatened. The midterms are just an extension of the presidential election of 2106, and the outcome will determine the future direction of the United States in light of America’s founding ideals. Regardless of whether there is a consciousness of the consequences of the outcome of this election, there will be far-reaching consequences – perhaps as lasting as the actions of brave men and women who stood up to tyranny during the times that tried men’s souls in the War for Independence.

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