“Toxic-Media Avoidance” is Prescribed to Survive the Pandemic

“Toxic-Media Avoidance” is Prescribed to Survive the Pandemic

By Dennis JamisonMarch 17, 2020

“Toxic media avoidance” may permit greater exhibition of caring for one another, the greater expression of faith in the true leaders getting us through these tough times, and a greater extension of hope for our future

This may be one of the weirdest St. Patrick’s Day in our nation’s history, aside from when it may have been celebrated, or at least remembered, during wartime. If anyone would have predicted a year ago that the world would be in such a predicament on St. Patrick’s Day this year that it would have to be canceled, many people would have thought they would have had too much green beer and they needed to go home and sleep it off. It may have been viewed as a weak joke. Nevertheless, with the incredibly heavy influence of the coronavirus, the initial jokes about quarantines for Corona beer, are also not so funny. As COVID-19 is ravaging the nation and the world, it is hard to deal with St. Patrick’s Day anyway, as now we have our own battles to fight in real-time—like a global pandemic.

In reality, COVID-19 is no joke, but the misinformation, disinformation, the harmful political banter, and the fear-mongering of the mainstream media minions should stop. But it will not. A few of the reasons it will likely not stop is self-centeredness and small-mindedness, as well as plain mindlessness. But, there may be a deeper reason, and it may be obvious to some, but to a majority of people. It is not obvious, but the MSM talking heads seem to be repeating Chinese Communist propaganda points. There was even a very heated exchange recently on Hannity when Dan Bongino accused Geraldo Rivera of spewing Chinese Communist propaganda. Geraldo Rivera erupted with an uncharacteristic emotional response. Bongino seemed to be expressing what some are realizing as they begin to connect the dots.

The Chinese Communists seem to be in a full onslaught of a propaganda blitz against the United States, and it has been reported against Italy as well. There is an overt display of several MSM “personalities” who seem to be either repeating or reinforcing the propaganda. One of the clear indications of this is the recent statements that the use of the term Chinese coronavirus or Wuhan virus is racist. And, of course, the main target is President Donald Trump. In reality, it only makes common sense as China is not happy with the Trump Administration, and the Democrats are not happy with the Trump Administration. So, in this scenario, it would seem that the two entities are not only in agreement, but the MSM, the propaganda parrots of the Democrats, are in real alignment with the Chinese anti-American propaganda.

It is not limited to the attempt to again label Trump as a racist for identifying the source of the coronavirus as originating in China, or specifically in Wuhan. The Chinese and the Democrats would have no trouble labeling COVID-19 as the Trump Pandemic. They would find no racism in such statements because they are the ones who would strive to make such an asinine accusation a part of their narrative.

Such bedfellows are both comfortable in affirming each other’s propaganda that China did a great job in initially handling the Wuhan outbreak, and the Trump Administration did a terrible job in its own efforts to handle COVID-19. The truth reveals the opposite, but such propaganda parrots do not care about the truth. They only care about spewing the lies over and over enough that people may not know the difference between the lies and the truth.

The truth is available to those who have the will or the intellectual integrity to deal with it. And for some, they may have been exposed to the truth, but they have a hard time digesting it. The truth is that President Donald Trump has demonstrated that he is able to fight a good fight against his enemies, the enemies of the American people, and the enemies of the United States government. And, this is why he is hated by the enemies of America, no matter foreign or domestic. By now, Americans should be aware that President Trump has led the way in battling the coronavirus, despite the opposition he has had to endure along the way. Even while the Democrats, who accuse him now of not doing enough, were rabidly focused upon the impeachment effort, Trump still had the presence of mind to restrict travel into the U.S. from China. Timelines do not lie.

The extreme hypocrisy within the Left-leaning mainstream media and social media with regard to disseminating accurate information and the truth to the American public is pathetic. The American public deserves to know the truth as the MSM is protected under the First Amendment to the Constitution, which the media moguls hide behind, but it is high time that public harm due to misinformation, disinformation, and outright propaganda should be prosecuted in criminal courts. The continual practice of MSM efforts to decry “racism“ when there is no racism, or to label words from conservative individuals as “hate” speech” when there is no hate in the speech is outrageous. Yet, on the other hand, they contort or twist words to generate hate.

With respect to the recent pandemic, the constant barrage of unwarranted attacks and complaints undermining the Trump Administration’s handling of the battle against the coronavirus is unsettling to many, and it increases anxiety among the people, creates fear, and ultimately panic, which leads people to do irrational things. The MSM is not adding anything to the general well-being of the population. In fact, many experts do weigh in on such fear-mongering from time to time, but seldom on the mainstream outlets. This willingness to undermine all the good that the president and his Task Force are doing to tackle COVID-19, or to under-report it is harmful to the general wellbeing of the nation.

In reality, generating such anxiety over the pandemic is easy to do for the MSM, but the anxiety may be worse than the disease itself. Anxiety not only leads to fear, but such emotional responses also lower the human body’s natural immune response to diseases and make one even more susceptible to contracting illness. Whether by design, or by stupidity, or lack of conscience, the MSM minions and their mogul masters are doing grave harm to the general public. Do they even care about the general well-being of the public?

Americans need to grow up and realize that the MSM is big business. In fact, of the six major corporations that are media conglomerates, there is well over $400 Billion in business in the media world. Media companies are not public service companies, and based upon track records, the MSM moguls are a pretty selfish and elitist bunch. Their willingness to continue their business empires with the deliberate repetition of such distortions of truth demonstrates flagrant abuse of freedom of the press. While there may be a lot to be said for fair and accurate coverage, especially in times of national peril, but the dark side of the “news business” is found within the swamp of political propaganda at the expense of the truth—at the expense of the people.

Deliberately generating anxiety, fear, and uncertainty among the people over this COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates that the MSM moguls are primarily interested in the shrinking of their empires and are willing to do whatever it takes to recover the loss of income in recent years. According to a scholarly analysis in the Binghamton Review, “in 2006, print revenue was a $46.6 billion dollar industry, and by 2014 fell to $16.4 billion dollars, and the steadily increasing $3.5 billion dollar digital media industry has not been able to make up the difference.” Sensationalism had done well to sell in the past. But, what the corporate media geniuses have not figured out is that the loss of income may be a reflection of many factors, but one of them is definitely a loss of real respect from the American people who care about the truth. Such a loss of respect led to a loss of genuine relevance to the general public.

The American public would then have much more to fear from propaganda diminishing the truth than the coronavirus,  which is also highly contagious. The purposeful promotion of toxic propaganda should be properly quarantined by “We the people.” The American public has been recently educated about keeping one’s distance from others and avoiding shaking hands with others, and this is called “social distancing”. It would seem much more appropriate to practice “media distancing” as it would reduce a great deal of the general anxiety present in the nation at this time, and it would likely reduce the abundance of fear present across the country.

During the perilous times of the horrors of World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt, no matter what one thinks of his politics, said something very profound in an address he gave over the radio as he counseled Americans saying they had nothing to fear but fear itself. It is still true today. Anxiety, fear, and panic only lead to self-destruction, so this simple effort of media distancing, or “toxic media avoidance” may be equally as important as washing one’s hands can be to prevent the spread of the virus. “Toxic media avoidance” may permit greater exhibition of caring for one another, the greater expression of faith in the true leaders getting us through these tough times, and a greater extension of hope for our future. Such positive practice may expedite America’s chances exponentially of getting through this crisis.

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