Trapped in California

Trapped in California

By Karen Hagestad Cacy

Let’s call her, “Judy,” because that’s what her name is. She’s a native Californian, a former assistant at the U.S. Treasury Department, who now finds herself trapped in socialistic California.

She has no place to go because of a combination of illegal aliens by the thousands, welcomed into the state to slurp up free goods and services, and Silicon Valley’s effect on Bay Area real estate.

As many of her fellow California natives are learning the hard way, you really “can’t go home again.” Raised in the Berkeley Hills, her grandfather was a doctor, and her father was a military officer. Yet, she’s unable to return to her roots in today’s market. As a single mother, she finally gave up her search; Judy raised her two boys as transplants in a small ranch style home in El Sobrante.

Her beloved Bay Area was out of range for them save by car.

Even attractive nearby Orinda, located on the back side of the Berkeley Hills, had become unaffordable twenty years ago for her. Today, she lives with her husband in Angel’s Camp.

She is three to four hours away from her old home.

She’s searched real estate ads for years and regularly dreams of selling and moving back home “It ain’t happening,” she admits in three emotion-laden little words.

Another example of California’s inhospitality to the middle class is a thirty- seven-year-old Silicon Valley whiz, whose expertise in Search Engine Optimization is much in demand. He, too, is living in a cramped apartment, eaten alive by the Valley’s exorbitant high cost of living.

He’s trapped not only by his work in SEO, but by a son with whom he shares custody with the child’s mother.

Where do people with complicated lives go? They can’t leave, so they remain in the Sunshine State in semi-poverty, living day by day.

Decent housing for them has become a distant dream. And, hope for their future, given the current Sanctuary State trajectory show little signs of improving. Their replacements, besides millionaires and billionaires, are the poor illegals, carrying their hand-embossed invitations courtesy of California Jerry Brown and his sidekick, Lieutenant Governor, Gavin Newsom. They “care” about these poor evacuees from South America so much that they’ve lost all sight of their own residents who are increasingly trapped by their far-left largesse.

With hard-left democrat power firmly in hand, the California leadership is proud to embark, once again ahead of the rest of the nation, in a grand experiment. Their belief in socialism remains undeterred despite the dismal examples of Cuba, Venezuela, China and Communist Russia.

Those countries, they advise, merely had the wrong people in power. They were greedy people – people who were so very unlike their own sterling selves. This time, they say, they’ll get it right.

These California so-called futurists will embrace newcomers for their votes against conservative, “America First” leaders. And, for a “Brownie-Bonus Extra” progressives may continue on believing themselves to be the superior ones in their practice of “do-goodism.” Golden Gate Bridge heading to San Francisco But, they have taken things so far now that they seem to have long ago lost sight of law, order, and the rights of law-abiding citizens living under their purview — dinosauric vestiges of a San Francisco that once shined above the Bay.

These days, a San Francisco programmer has seen fit to transfer 311 data and create a heat map of all the human feces on city sidewalks. Tourists and the few brave souls still walking those festooned streets might hum along with Tony Bennet as he sings: “The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay. The glory that was Rome is of another day I’ve been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan I’m going home to my city by the Bay.” “I left my heart in San Francisco High on a hill, it calls to me. To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars The morning fog may chill the air, I don’t care.”

Just don’t look down, Tony! Face it, Progressives: San Francisco’s homeless crisis has become the formerly stunning ‘City- on-the-Bay’s’ poop crisis. Yet the leadership persists in looking the other way. They just called for “Free Healthcare for Illegals.” And the many homeless vets in need of such care? Not on their radar. The California economy is the size of Italy’s, but the state’s broke.

It’s a great time to increase spending on its non-citizens.

And the state’s housing crisis – save for the pop and tech culture’s billionaires –rolls along, 100,000 housing units short per year.

And, whither goest Judy and the SEO expert with his custody problem? Never mind about all that. The important thing to remember is that California is leading the way.

Once again. But this time, it’s in the opposite direction of its former legacy.

Good luck with that!

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