By Judith La Montagne – 12/30/2020

In the aftermath of the 2020 election, many Americans feel as if they are caught in the same evil “traps” as the children in the mythical tale of Narnia, and that only Aslan, (Trump) the noble lion, can save them. Aslan, of course, in the C.S. Lewis’ story is an allusion to Christ. Unfortunately, Aslan has himself been conquered by death, or so they think, and there is no way they can extricate themselves without him in charge. His courage and righteousness were their only hope. And now he is dead. Or is he? While reading the book, we continue spellbound, to hope for a miracle.

But back to the present, Americans have been led into numerous “traps” in past months from which it will be extremely difficult to extricate ourselves. We typically think of traps in connection with wild animals, but they are useful in politics as well.

To the hunter, or the politician with a Leftist agenda, the most useful trap is the foothold device. Unwary Conservative citizens going about their business as well as they could before COVID-19, were ensnared before they were aware. Suddenly, they could no longer move about freely because of fear of COVID, and they were now forced to remain at home, away from their jobs and away from gathering in groups with those of like mind. Many victims faced bankruptcy and closure of formerly flourishing businesses. Some of those small companies will never again see the light of day.

Moving on, water traps have also been effectively used to hold animals — and figuratively speaking, individuals and companies — “underwater” until they drown — for many Americans, in debt with no livelihood. Fresh air is the lifeblood of all animals, including humans. We must have a constant supply of ready “economic oxygen” to live. Instead, the political air we breathe has stifled us. There is little chance of continuing a thriving economy without customers. Many companies and individual victims will never recover from being underwater for so long. Masks, and their mandated enforcement in so many once-free environments, also make it harder to “breathe” or even to see through the COVID fog.

Finally, cage or box traps essentially capture the entire animal’s body. Unless the animal is released, death will follow from a lack of  water and nourishment. Today’s Americans know how that feels — to be “boxed in” by legislators pretending to act in their best interest while secretly subverting their lives and businesses. We have been deceived that COVID is our enemy, yet it is Liberal “cages” that have enslaved us.

It’s a dangerous world out there, the Leftists say, but most of us would rather take our chances in the wilderness of COVID than be condemned to a life that is no life at all — no work, no recreation, no visible smiles, no extended family or friendly visits, confinement to our home prisons– and a final surrender to fear itself. Our freedom is the price the trappers have demanded we pay.

Now, the trappers have conceived a COVID relief bill that gives huge monetary advantages to other countries, with very few dollars actually allotted to supposed COVID relief. The Liberal “trap“ is on full display in this legislation. Many in Congress have not even had time to read it because of the rush to pass it in order to place the blame on the president. That travesty should be on Biden.

Meanwhile, lockdowns and fear have kept many citizens so imprisoned they have chosen not to address their health issues, and some have died while trapped inside their cages. But, Trump has kept his word and has spearheaded two vaccines, not just one, against the COVID 19 virus. With a little luck, perhaps we can at last be released from the traps of those who are attempting to rob us of our freedom.

Finally, returning to the Narnia tale and the hoped for return of Aslan — this time in the form of President Donald J. Trump —  we can all pray that the President will somehow be restored to us as happens in the Narnia story, that his presidency may somehow be revived, and that he will yet lead the country away from Socialism and the outright Communist trap planned by our enemies both within America and throughout the world. While we surely mourn the near death of American courage in the COVID traps, let us continue to hope and pray to God that somehow a modern miracle will come to our aid and resurrect America from its imminent rush to Socialism and decay.

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